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  1. create points dought

    that also give problem..pls send scene file sir...
  2. create points dought

    that gives wrong result....points from volume node fill the sphere.i want points from extrude volume.
  3. how to create points inside the mesh volume?
  4. *sorry for my bad english is there anyway to fill particle inbetween the above animated surface? i want to use flip solver from particle. can anyone help me?please.... doughts1.hip
  5. boolian problem

    Thanks vusta .its perfectly works 99%....and Thanks f1( f1480187).its new method.very usefull. my problem solved.....
  6. boolian problem

    { boolian->surface way also give wrong result. see frame number 50 62 to 69 25-27 iam new for houdini.kindly help me.dnt ignore. } boolian problem1 -surface way.hip
  7. boolian problem

    *sorry for my bad english 1. i need jiggle boolian effect. clip node cant gives this type of effect. so i used boolian node. 2. in this scene ,output is not perfect....what will i do for correct result . kindly help me. pls attach fixed file. { boolian->surface way also give wrong result. iam new for houdini.kindly help me.dnt ignore. } boolian problem1.hip
  8. please kindly resolve my problem..... boolian problem.hip
  9. chop rotation

    hai iam new .. i want small dought..pls anyone solve me.. sorry for my bad english.. in this scene,how to calculate rotation in chopnet? rotation problem chopnet.hipnc