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  1. @Atom No worries!!! It was me being silly!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!!
  2. @Atom Sorry to disturb you again but the smoke is emitting and vanishing from the character now however the character isn't disintegrating and nothing is showing in a render. I have attached an image of the character
  3. @Atom Hello, Thank you so much!!! Its works!!!
  4. @Atom Ah okay! I'll give it a go! Thank you!
  5. @sandford No, this one is more complicated but the effect works at the frame I need it to on this one but it just won't go onto the character... I need both effects for different sections! And thank you so much!!!
  6. @Atom Okay, thank you! The only problem is, that the character is aligned to a camera as it is part of a 2 minute animation piece, so I can't really move it to another position
  7. Hello, I have done another disintegration effect on a sphere, that I need for the end of my animation for university. I have alembic cached out a girl from Maya. It only has subtle animation on it. The girl geometry needs to be swapped with the sphere so the effect is applied. I have attached a file with the cache's in it but without my attempt at swapping the geometry as it crashes Houdini. The animation starts at frame 2670 Thank you! disintergration_ballet_007.hipnc END_Death_camera.fbx End_death.abc
  8. @3dome Thank you so much!
  9. @sandford The effect use to work starting at frame 1 but since I changed the starting frame and added in the alembic its stopped working. I'll attach the original file before I made changes and added in the alembic Thank you! infect_point05.hipnc
  10. @3dome Hello, I didn't path one of the files correctly! Sorry! The simulation shows random bits of smoke appearing and vanishing? I need the arm to be smoke already and then disintegrate from the hand up. I've attached what the simulation looked like before. Thank you! disintergration.mp4
  11. @3dome Hello, Thank you for replying and having a look at my simulation but its not working and loads of errors appeared when I opened it? Thank you again!
  12. @derjcmp I have worked out that I need to convert the Alembic into a volume using a convert node but the simulation is still not working anymore. Thank you!
  13. Thank you @Atom I have fixed the camera issue and as its a university project, I'm doing effects and compositing
  14. Hello, I am a third year animation student starting vfx. I have a simple disintegration animation for my major project that I have done on a sphere and now I need to transfer it to a hand animation that I have done in Maya and cached into an Alembic. As the animation and FBX camera export start at frame 1671, I changed the simulation to start on that frame. However, the simulation has stopped working and I'm not sure if I have transferred the effect correctly. I have provided the files, thank you! shot16.abc shot16.fbx I have provided new files! I managed to get the sphere to swap with the hand but the effect doesn't work still? It doesn't become smoke and disintegrate infect_point_Scene16.hipnc
  15. Hello, I am a third year student and have just started using Houdini this year. Whilst doing a basic pyro effect using the shelf tools, I want to render an effect I have applied to an alembic cache animation (done in Maya). I don't want the person to be rendered out but I want the effect around her to be rendered. I tried applying a shadow matte as a material, however, when I do render tests, the whole effects is visible when parts of the character should be covering it. Is there a way to fix this? And also, is there a way to make the fog vanish just before the end of the scene? Also, I was wondering if there was a way to match the Houdini scene to Maya scene? I have tried importing the Maya camera in as an alembic but the camera animation doesn't work and the scene doesn't match to Maya. I understand Maya works in cm whilst Houdini is in M... thats all I know though... I have attached the files! Thank you!!! I hope this made sense! Sorry I'm asking so much!!! Shot_3_v2_002.hipnc KT_Scene_3_v2.abc