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  1. I'm trying to set up a structure that allows me to import 2D images, PNG/Jpegs into Houdini. Side FX has documentation for this: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/io/ai Researching this i came across a couple of tutorials, saying that if you want use images you should go for .eps files This is the tutorial i tried to follow, since it covers the Adobe softwares: I'm not sure what's going wrong, whenever i upload my images there doesn't seem to be an error, but I just can't find my imported asset. Any ideas? Cheers, Callan de Keijzer Desktop.zip
  2. POPsolver not working

    I fixed it, apparently it was an issue with having Qlib installed into environment file of houdini (houdini.env) i probably installed it wrong
  3. POPsolver not working

    I'm trying to source particle emitters from geometry that i created in a scene. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the popsolver node, it's saying that: 'Connection 2 input is the wrong type' I'm trying to create a whisp effect, following some tutorials but already stuck and not able to continue. Please help! WhispIssue.hipnc
  4. Can't make "Font" function work

    So I've been trying to follow this tutorial: at 13:24 he uses a stamp function and changes it to a 'stamps' (string) then particle fonts change to '0' and he continues with his tutorial. On my project however, 'stamps' doesn't do anything for me. Have I not set up the previous nodes correctly, or did i misuse functions? please help! MatrixScreen.hipnc
  5. Vertex Animation Tool giving mantra error

    With the recent 16.0.6 update, Houdini added games shelf tools. one of these tools is vertex animation. I've been trying to integrate my particle system into Unreal Engine 4 for the past 2 days. When I try to render the vertex animation subnetwork gives this error: Error Error rendering child: /out/vertex_animation_textures/mantra11 Diving into the subnetwork there's two nodes that give errors the first node gives this error: Error Zero resolution for camera '/out/vertex_animation_textures/sprite_obj/cam1' and the second node gives this error: Error Error rendering input: /out/vertex_animation_textures/mantra11 From what I've read from another odforce forum post the problem seems to be that the HDA for vertex animations textures need to be used correctly. Quote from Gramx's post: " Hi Luiz, I have been looking at the hip files and it seems that you have a newer version of the Vertex Animation Textures Asset. I get an error saying incomplete asset definition. Are you able to send over the latest asset or will it be available in the next Daily Houdini build. I am running 16.0.542 Thanks Graham " Gramx's post Shouldn't the tool just work on it's own? Or am I doing something wrong? Any help into the right direction would really be appreciated, maybe even an example of the particle working in Unreal. Cheers, Callan RubberParticles.hipnc
  6. Particles Clumping

    Awesome man, I initially thought i could change the size by opening display options>geometry>point size. This has solved the issue thanks alot!
  7. Particles Clumping

    I've been practicing particles using Rohan Dalvi's Tutorial:Rohan Dalvi's tutorial Everything has been working great so far except for one major thing. If i compare my renders to Rohan's, my particles seem to clump together and generally have a larger scale. The left picture show's my particle render and the right shows Rohan's One issue i've considered to be the cause of this is that Rohan is using VOPSOP from 13 I'm using 16 and point wrangles, so maybe something is going on with the scale in there. I still only have a couple months of experience so any help would be great. Cheers ParticleDisintegration.hipnc
  8. Can't attach geometry to primitve

    Thanks this helps a lot!
  9. Can't attach geometry to primitve

    I'm trying to add this geometry to the primitives of an object, in this instance a cube. I'm quite lost and have no idea how to continue, any suggestions? Also, is there a way to have a rectangle spawn from the corners of the grid towards the center, whilst following the height of the surface? VFX1.hipnc
  10. https://gist.github.com/callandekeijzer/aa70451acfcf2d97ec0e18155a1d8ed7 Hi this is my very first post. I'll try to be as clear as possible, but i'm very new to Houdini and programming. After following a tutorial -->https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vex-in-houdini-mandelbrot-and-mandelbulb/ (which is really great btw) I managed to create the fractal and the next step i want to take is to animate the fractal The easiest and best way i think is to make the integer value 'I' into a 'channel' like the tutorial does with N. and then have the value I change every frame using $F. the main issue is that I can't turn an integer into a float, i believe? Below is the warning that my volume wrangle node gives me. Warning Errors or warnings encountered during VEX compile: /obj/mandel/volumewrangle1/volumevop1/snippet1: Implicit cast from float to int. Use explicit cast instead. (17,13). Warning Errors or warnings encountered during VEX compile: /obj/mandel/volumewrangle1/volumevop1/snippet1: Implicit cast from float to int. Use explicit cast instead. (17,13). Warning Vex error: /obj/mandel/volumewrangle1/volumevop1/snippet1: Implicit cast from float to int. Use explicit cast instead. (17,13) Any help in the right direction would help out, feedback on nodes, programming, post structure is welcome. Cheers, Callan Mandelbulb.hipnc