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  1. Hi Jon thanks for your time, i have this error when open your script i cant see the render just the beauty, alessandrovfx@gmail.com this is my email if you have time thanks
  2. http://erwanleroy.com/create-position-reference-pref-pass-in-vray-for-maya/ I want create this pass with mantra on Houdini i need the posiontobject pass Can you help me?
  3. http://erwanleroy.com/create-position-reference-pref-pass-in-vray-for-maya/ i would like recrete this on houdini pass
  4. unfortunately if change the color change the alpha on Nuke
  5. Thanks Jon Can you explain my how ?sorry i m new entry on houdini
  6. hi hi try to put the p_world pass in houdini,but i have the problem with this, if you look the render the pworld change the color,so i can use in nuke because the matte change from the first frame to the last can you help me ? thanks pmatte.hip