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  1. Poly Bridge

    Hi, sorry for my late answers but i had work to do...right now i can't upload my .hip, however the setup is kind the same as nisachar file. @Iraklo tried fuse before, but the problem still just want to thank you for your attention to my problem guys!
  2. Poly Bridge

    thank you for your answer, but i still couldn't fix the problem. the subdivide don't affect the red edges area :(. @nisachar i have a bad topology flow where the rays connect to the rim, the screen don't show very well this issue, my bad, but i fixed it increasing the division of the rim.
  3. Poly Bridge

    Hi, im new in this forum, and i will introduce myself exposing my problem with poly bridge. I used the Polybridge node to connect the external part of the rim with the central piece, but when i subdivide the mesh, i get bad topology and no smooth on the red edges as shown in the images. I will appreciate any tips to fix this problem. thank you and sorry for my english