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  1. Hi there! I'm looking for a method to colorize SDF (VDB) based on an attribute, which I made, for ie: the distance along the X axis. (The surface created at render) Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I'm really desperate. Windows 10, H16. The downloaded output log sais "“Could not find output file for job". I tried "Copy hip to shared folder". I'm an experinced Windows user and I'm a fair bit confident in networkin, I'm using deadline for rendering, since a long time. Now I'm moving to Houdini from realflow and I really need to get HQueue working. One node starts working on it for 40-50 sec but then it fails the job. A bit misterious why only one, why only one child job appearing eventho I made 3 slices.
  3. Hi there! I can't get to work HQueue. All my clinet paired on ready/idle, everything seems fine. When I submit a job, the job fail and I alwyas get only this error message “Could not find output file for job ‘23’.”. All my client can read and write the directory where the .hip file is. Even when everything is configered to default, so everything is pointing at $HIP. The other very strange thing I sliced up my sim to ways and only 1 job apperaring in HQueue. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or something? Thanks! (I have alread yfound the master class on distribution in H15 https://vimeo.com/148518740)
  4. Thank you so much for your help!b It does what I really need. I'm going to dig myself into wex. Can't live without knowing wex. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! It might be a super easy thing what I'm asking, but I can't find the solution. So a I scattered a lot of points on to a geo, and I want to generate lines between the points, but only if the distance between those n number of points lower than x. I tried write it in wex based on the help, but I couldnt get to work. It might be super easy, just I'm over complicate it. Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!