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  1. Hi Everyone i am following Rohan Davli Vehicle tutorial. But I am stuck at Boolean Sop it giving an error. Because of that error, all the primitive group are getting 0 and I am not able to give a shade to that primitive. Because its showing that there is no geometry in that group which i made before the Boolean Sop.
  2. Hi, i am following Steven Knipping Houdini rigid 2. I install the Houdini 16 apprentice version and I am stuck with the group node. In the video, Steven creates point group and the convert those point into primitive by group node. but when i use the group node its not creating any group. and when i try with a sphere it working out. There is no tab to convert point to primitive. I try with attribute promote but still getting error. it will be very helpful if someone can explain me the new group node in Houdini 16.