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  1. The question is same as the title shows, I tried serval ways in vex, but all fail, so I'm so curious that how to make that happen in vex? Anyone knows?
  2. I'm very curious that "look at "vop, I did read the Houdini help file and try to wire the node in vop, but it not actually work. So does anyone know how to use that node and the better to provide a hip file for learning? Thanks alot.
  3. Thanks Dominik, This gives me a much better understanding of the code, and I will look up the docs about the openVDB topic. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. Does anyone can give me some instructions to make a tire kick up the dust or sands effect in houdini? The effects looks like this: Thanks a lot : )
  5. Hum, could you please explain the meaning of the code : float vsamp = volumesample(1, 0, @P); vector vgrad = normalize(volumegradient(1, 0, @P)); if(vsamp < 0) { @P += vgrad * -vsamp; } I don't understand the algorithmic
  6. Thanks Dominik, This is very helpful, could you please give me a brief idea that how does this work? I really cannot understand the idea behind of this base on my current knowledge. Thanks a lot.
  7. I found two tutorials which talk about this topics, one is the LRV from Digital tutor, another is the attribute transfer from peter, but sadness, neither one work on current houdini. So anyone can give me an idea or example file for doing this ? Thanks so much.