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  1. gtoup node

    I think I have a similar issue. I'm trying to create a 'group' node by pressing TAB but when I click on it, it creates a 'groupcreate' node instead - the same node as pictured above. When I right-click the node to Change Type, there is no 'group' node available..
  2. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out
  3. Hi all, Completely new to Houdini and this forum! I am Cinema4D-er learning Houdini on a brand spanking new PC. It's also my first build so not-so-bright choices may have been made... It seems my viewport/perspective view is taking up so much time (Red-zone on the Performance Monitor). Figured I'd start by checking my hardware, so please judge my build for anything that is off... (Don't judge me ) Thanks for your help i7-7700K Asus Prime Z270-A Corsaie LPX DDR4-2133 MSI GeForce GTX 1060