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  1. Atom. Thanks. That works.
  2. Matt and Atom. Thanks for the pointers. I will look for the examples and tutorials.
  3. If I understand correctly, you are suggesting to use the Copy SOP to apply the agents to a grid. Then translate and rotate the grid. That works but I have been looking at the crowdsim tools like Populate which will gives some randomization options like clip offsets.
  4. I am new to Houdini. My goal is to create a scene with multiple formations of marching soldiers. There will be no opportunities for collisions, so that will not be an issue. I have an fbx model with animation. I can create an agent, a single crowdsource (in formation) and simulation. That works. My question concerns translating and rotating the individual formations in the scene. The action takes place away from the origin. Should I translate the agent there first, then create the crowdsource and simulation or create the crowdsouce(s) at the origin and translate them to the desired location or translate the simulation node? My experiments have produced some results that I don't understand so before blindly hacking out something that sort of works, I would like to know how an experienced user would approach the problem.