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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! This is what my Geo Representation looks like, i cant see why they aren't colliding fully because its a good representation of the geo?
  2. I have three individual components to this briefcase, the body, the handle rings and the handle, the body is a static objects and the other two are RBD packed objects, all concave. I am trying to get the handle to hang from the suitcase naturally but they are falling through each other, there is a slight reaction but i cant get them to completely react to each other. I have attached a zip of the three .obj files and the .hip file if anybody could have a look. Any help would be really appreciated ! Thanks! Assets.zip
  3. WOW i feel stupid Thank you for the fix! I think in future a good nights sleep might save me a lot of time
  4. Thank you for the reply, i tried putting the substeps up but it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference, i have done a mock scene where the same problem is happening if anybody could have a look? IntersectingGeo.hipnc
  5. Thank you for the reply! I understand its difficult without the scene file, i haven't attached it because it has upwards of 30 models in it that i have read in from elsewhere. i have turned on guide geometry on everything and it is displaying as fine, everything has correct guide geometry where the faces are blue. I still dont understand why the collision geo does seem to be working but just not 100% This is still an ongoing problem so if anybody reading this thinks they may know something that would help it would be greatly appreciated
  6. I have a load of RBD packed objects smashing on a Ground Plane, they're all intersecting by a consistent distance through the Ground Plane, the RBD packed objects are all convex hull rather than concave although changing between the two doesn't seem to make a difference. I've tried replacing the Ground Plane with a static box and trying different geo representations on it but that doesn't seem to work either. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be really appreciated! Thanks
  7. I want to have a puddle of water/lava that starts to rise up to create a character standing up that i have animated, i have tried doing it in reverse by melting him and playing it backwards but it looks wrong, i want to learn how to do it properly. I am looking for any good tutorials that might help me? Any help would be amazing! Thanks
  8. I have two separate stacks of geo made using copySOP's, i am trying to get them to interact with each other. They do interact with each other but the constrains only effect one model, i can switch them in the merge but its only ever one that holds together, the other falls apart instantly no matter what the glue strength is. Ive put photos below and attached the scene file with the model that needs referencing in. New to Houdini so any help or advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks PlateSimulationTest001.hipnc plate.obj
  9. I Have stacks of plates and bowls that i made with a copy node on one original model of each type of plate or bowl rather than importing each model multiple times. I want each object to be able to fall and smash independently which i am struggling to work out. When i make the stack a RBD Glued Object it either all moves and smashes the exact same way like they are being read as one whole piece rather than individual plates/bowls or they move individually but the glue errors saying "making objects from different solvers mutual affectors" so they cant smash. Sorry if this is a basic question i am new to Houdini, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thank you! i tried both of those and it doesn't seem to have made a difference unfortunately. Below I have imported the fbx of just the draw, made it a static object, then dropped a RBD box into it to show what is happening, i hope this might give you a better view of the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated! ( Vimeo link to problem )
  11. I have an animated cabinet that i have imported to Houdini from Maya as an FBX. I want to drop cutlery into one of the draws in the cabinet, i have imported the spoon .geo and made the cabinet a static object and the spoon an RBD object. when i drop the spoon onto some parts of the cabinet it lands fine. I want to drop it inside the draw before it opens but when i position it above the draw and play through it doesn't move, it is just frozen in the air. Im guessing its a problem with bounding boxes? Sorry im new to Houdini any help would be greatly appreciated! (Sorry for the bad angle, the draw is closed)
  12. oh i see, thankyou! I can see inside the voronoi fracture node that it separates interior and exterior polys but i cant access them? it wont let me view them
  13. I have an object shattering using a voronoi fracture, i'm importing it to Maya as an alembic cache but i have to manually select all of the inside faces of the cracks to texture them differently. Is there a way i can select all inside faces on a voronoi fracture object in Houdini to make things quicker? Thanks