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  1. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Unbelievable, this thread is a gold mine. I could not find any good tutorials on soft bodies, but Yohann has saved the day. Next step is to understand it all. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  2. FEM object Cut

    Thank you Jesper, boolean would be perfect for this project. Vusta's link is amazing, with so many good examples of how to use booleans with cloth object to create FEM like simulations. I will dig deeper into those hips to have a better idea of how it's done.
  3. FEM object Cut

    Hello all, I'm playing around with FEMs and would like to implement it to my ongoing project. Idea is to create a "Cut the cake" effect. I have tried to use the shelf tools, but FEM build in fracture system is not as flexible as standard Voronoi. Could you please check out .hip and let me know if I can use controlled Voronoi fracturing for FEMs? Or maybe there is a more efficient way to tackle this problem? CutCake002.hip
  4. Multiple Redshift Shaders per geometry

    Good Afternoon, Thanks for your help Atom. Please see attachment for the final composition.
  5. Multiple Redshift Shaders per geometry

    It is working Atom. Thanks a lot. Probably will have to add more subdivision to make the material border invisible. I will keep rendering my composition and post the result here.
  6. Multiple Redshift Shaders per geometry

    Please see file in attachment. I have tried 2 approaches but it didn't work. When i apply material as a primitive attribute i cant transfer it. But when I use it as point attribute it does not affect the geometry. ShaderTest003.hip
  7. Multiple Redshift Shaders per geometry

    Ok, i will try that approach. Yes sure, I will create the simplified version of the .hip and post it this evening.
  8. Multiple Redshift Shaders per geometry

    Thank you, Atomic your Link Page is Priceless. It is a single primitive with 6 unique Point attributes. Would you like me to create point group based on the parameter and assign Material to that group? Is there a way to make the border area where 2 attributes connect more gradual to have a more organic look?
  9. Hello All, I have created a model in Houdini which consists of 6 different sections. All those areas have their unique Point attribute, so I merged everything into one object with the help of VDB and transferred all the point attributes. I would like to have a different shader on all those 6 sections of the geometry. My approach was to create one Redshift Shader network and with the help of Blend material and Unique attributes for Blend weight, separate all shaded areas. But for one of the areas I needed to use separate Blend Material and a different displacement. So do I need to create Groups based on those Unique attributes and assign shader within the geometry node with 6 unique Redshift Shader networks? Or there is a way to assign those 6 shaders by the attribute?
  10. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Thomas and Chris, thank you for your input. Now I understand what I have missed in Stamp solution. The for-each approach is a bit new to me, but it looks promising. I will play around with both and choose the best one for the job.
  11. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Hello Chris , Thank you for joining the brain teaser. Could you check out my .hip file? What I would like to do is to randomize my Turbulent noise inside the pointVOP with the point attribute from the other side of the copy sop "id".
  12. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Thank you for the link Thomas. Based on the description it is exactly what I would like to do, but how do i bring "point("../foreach_begin2", 0, "id", 0)" function into VOP to control my noise?
  13. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Thank you Hernan, your approach works fine, but just out of curiosity do you know how to do it by Stamping attribute into the VOP. I remember it from one of the tutorials which I can't find right now.
  14. Hello all, I'm modeling some tentacle creature and ran into a problem. I don't know how to stamp attribute into the VOP sop and use it to drive turbulent noise to randomise shapes for every copied tentacle. Then i want to copy that tactically geometry again and randomise tentacle shape and/or animation. I have tried to just bind stamp("../../copy" , "id", 0) into the vop and connect it to Offset of the Noise, but for some reason, Houdini just stuck in the loop. Please see .hip below. I feel like it is something obvious, but I cant see it. Please advice StampinVop.hip
  15. Static Object BBox

    Hello Houdini Gurus, I'm going through Ocean and Flip tutorials and in order to expand my knowledge and understanding of the topic I play around with settings. Simulated Boat, converted to static collision object shredding Ocean Flip waves. For some reason, my boat is cut in half by some bounding box. Could you please advice which BBox responsible for collision Object? please see attachment