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  1. Thanks for the insight... I'll give that a try. Need to figure out how to get the sprite into Houdini. Should be able to look that up fairly easy. teak
  2. Yeah... Sprites...
  3. They do that in the Unreal Engine Blueprint / Material Editors... Very handy...
  4. Hi. New Houdini 16 user, so please forgive the noob level question... I've created a simple star field with a grid and a scatter...randomized the pscale and Cd and it actually looks pretty nifty... What I would like to do is add some really nice png files of suns, different types of stars, etc. My hope is that I could load that image on a randomly selected point. Could someone please point me in the right direction. I do not mind reading... been roaming google for some time, but often times I do not even know what to search for. Thanks in advance for your help. teak
  5. Thank you for your help... Still getting the hang of Houdini! Take Care! teak
  6. See attached... ConnectedBalls.hiplc
  7. Thank you for such a quick reply... In my geo spreadsheet on the attrwrangler I do see the random value of the pscale, but on the copytopoints, the pscale value is 1.0. Did I miss something? Thank you again for your help. teak
  8. Hi... New Houdini 16 user here...... I've created a randomized set of balls in the viewport with a scatter. But, when I do a copy to points, all of the balls are the same size... Is there a way to have random values (with a clamp or fit?) to alter the size of the balls? Tried putting a random on the uniform scale on the transform before going into the copytopoints, but...all are changed to the same value. I'm sure I am doing something silly...did some googling / documentation review, but I might not be asking the correct question. Thanks. teak