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  1. Thanks but i mean more like how to grow existing geometry from the attributes i created.
  2. Hey, im wondering how I can transfer the information of the point growth to actual geometry, after a while of testing i didnt come up with a good result. So if anybody got a good idea, please let me know. Thanks, Nick Growth.hip
  3. Hey, I was told that, that I have to use VEX to use Houdini efficiently, so as I have no expierence at coding at all and I dont know where to start with it, I want to ask you guys if you have any good resources or learning paths. Thanks Nick
  4. So i got it working now, but when i apply a polywire node it affects the pighead geometry, how can i avoid that? i just want it to affect the curves
  5. thank you!! yea sorry im new to houdini and trying to learn it rn so forgive me
  6. thanks for sharing this technique! i rebuild your setup in houdini 16 and it doesnt work somehow... i copied the exact same setup to build it myself and trying to understand the process but it just doesnt work nothing happens... can you help me? thanks! curve growth problem.hip
  7. Hey there, im new to houdini and i really want to create some partcile trails that are floating around the shape of an object. Would be great if someone can explain me a quick way without attribute wrangles as im not experienced in coding at all. Thanks in advance. Nick