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  1. Hi everyone, I have a beginner issue if someone has an idea.. I have a pre-simulated flame that illuminates the ground by emission with a billowy smoke shader. I'd like to render the illumination pass of the ground without the ground. How can I have this? Indirect reflection pass doesn't bring me the right thing Thanks !
  2. Hi everyone ! I tried to call velocity in the shader with both parameter node and three nodes of eetu (bind+lenght+export bind) but nothing in render... Method has changed in H16? EDIT: My bad ! I just didn't place my nodes in the right place
  3. Camera axis

    Hi everybody ! A quick question from beginner: How can I put my animated camera (imported in alembic archive) in the right axis?
  4. Hi everybody ! I'm still a beginner on Houdini and I have some novice questions I have two simulations that I need to render in maya (on arnold) and I don't know what is the right workflow. The first simulation is white water (spray only) and the second is snow (with grain tool). First of all the spray: I have the bgeo sequence of the particles that I try to load in maya with Houdini Engine (with a file tool). But I can't see anything. Maybe I do not have the right method to import particles with Houdini Engine. Few tips? The snow then: How to keep my POP sprite with my bgeo export? I only get a black simulation (which is normal I think). Should I also export particles? I will also use Houdini Engine I have to do shading for whitewater and snow in arnold so what would be the best method? Thank you Ps: sorry for grammatical mistakes, my english is pretty bad
  5. Flip Fluid and scale

    Thanks a lot for you help. This seems to work as I wanted.
  6. Flip Fluid and scale

    And this will not affect the behavior of the effects or the object/fluid relationship? If I underscale my geo I mean.. Because I export my FX in Maya at the end (where the creature has the real size)
  7. Flip Fluid and scale

    Hi everyone, I am new in Houdini and I have a pretty basic question about scale in this soft and its impact on the physics of the effects. I want to do a flip fluid simulation with a big geometry like this: My team sent me an alembic of 2700 centimeters (in Maya unit) of our animated creature. So it is huge in Houdini and i can't make a container of this size without crash. What is the way to proceed with such a big geo? Do I have to set Houdini units for under scale my object? Thank you Ps: Sorry for my poor english