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  1. Hard edge detection

    Ha. group SOP can do exactly that what I was thinking. great:)
  2. Hard edge detection

    Hi, Can I somehow detect hard edges in H? Would be super owesome if I group the hard onces and then just bevel. Is there any SOP for that ready to use?
  3. Hi, How to convert houdini volume to VDB volume? I only need density, I dont need surface in VDB EDIT: 2mins later.... Ofc... convert VDB. I thought it was not working before but restarted H and works now. Btw can I somehow delete posts?
  4. Invert volume

    Hm... yeah right.
  5. Invert volume

    Hi, How to invert volume? What I want to have density = 1, where it is 0; and density = 0, where it is 1.
  6. Remove inside faces

    Yeah I know that. But Im already blasting some pieces. That gives me not only inside and outside groups. Here is a screenshot. Red is inside group. And what I want to blast is the geometry thats between those pieces.
  7. Remove inside faces

    Hi, I need to do some detail on a mesh, but the scene getting slow. And I was wondering, can I somehow remove inside faces, like in an example file? Removing would probably speed up my scene. remove_inside_faces_v01.hipnc
  8. random color by "iteration" attrib

    Thank you!
  9. Hi, So inside for-each-loop in a wrangle i want to set the color, but this does not work, generates zero values: @temp = detail("../foreach_begin1_metadata1", "iteration", 0); @Cd = rand(@temp); Looks like I dont know how to get the iteration detail attrib. tried in different ways but always gets zeros.
  10. Hi, How can I copy a piece (packed or not) to a point per attribute? My example shows what I mean. I dont care if the pieces match after beeing copied. I mean it would be nice, but it does not have to work. What I need is just a single piece unique per point. And copy the points after the loop. Unless somehow copy inside a loop, that would make sense. Yet somehow Im not sure how to do that. EDIT: Jeeez, TRANSFORM PIECES! I dunno, Im tired I guess. Or maybe too much butter... Sometimes my brain is working so slow... Like asking how to extrude.... copy_piece_per_attrib_v01.hipnc
  11. weird cropping in my image

    Hi, I just imported a sequence and the first thing that happens is a flickering, becase some of my frames are cropped like that. I tried different formats, jpg, tga... but this seem Houdini issue not the file issue. BTW as you can see the thumnail renders correctly, only the composite view sucks
  12. Background image

    No the frame range and time range mathes fine. Just right after I type in ".../bg.$F6.tga" or ".../bg.`$F6`.tga" it converts to the current selected frame, lets say ".../bg.079552.tga". And does not update when sliding the timeline, because it converted to a strict value ".../bg.079552.tga"
  13. Background image

    Seems not to be working for Disk File option. $F evaluates to the current frame on the time slider. In my case background.$F6.tga > background.098766.tga - and stays like that
  14. Background image

    Great! Now... how can I make it animated :D? Because using file loads up a single frame. When using COPs, some frames I get a weird cropping like that: