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  1. Hi, So I want to move my pivot to a specific point, lets say ptnum=0. But this in transform sop does not work I get error. point("../add1/", "P.x",0);[/CODE]
  2. I just made some example. XformPieces_v01.hip
  3. Yet I still get the issue when I have more than one name attribute. It works well as long I name everything the same. When I have more name attributes it get confused. Another thing is that the field Attribute in TransformPieces SOP works for anything that does not match 'name'. And thats really confusing because I want to match by attribute 'name' But when I use 'name' it does not tranform at all. When I use anything else, anything, even 'blahblahblah' it does work. So eg in my example I have two different objects , one with name attrib 'concrete' and other 'pillar'. When I sim only 1 object and use as an attribute for TransformPieces SOP 'blahblahblah_I_Hate_YOU' it works really well! confusing.... And once I sim one more object that has different name attrib, TransformPieces gets completely confused and does stupid things. I dunno, a bug?
  4. Actually I got some help and know the issue now. I was deleting points inside sopsolver. Istead for deleting better to send to sleeping: if(@P.y < 75){ i@bullet_sleeping = 1; }
  5. Hi, So I got some weird thing going on with transform pieces. Everything was working well untill i set the sim for the whole system. I can see that even bullet sim is ok, transform pieces sop does not transform properly. When I broke the system into smaller pieces I noticed that actually transform pieces does work, but just for some time. Then is starts to match wrong pieces and everything is weird. In my scene it starts to behave this way in frame 222, before that its all ok. If you have time, please look into the example. I tried to make it as easy as posssible and also to keep it close to my setup. Any help is welcome, because Im stuck on it since yesterday and Ive run out of ideas whats going on TransforPiecesIssue.zip
  6. Ah, ok I get it now thanks EDIT: however this sets the position of all points. Can I set the position of the specific one? Lets say ptnum = 0
  7. Hi, So just used this in point wrangle. But does not move my point. Why? setpointattrib(geoself(), "P.x", 0, 0.0, "set");
  8. Hi, So I noticed that some of the geometry that I import from alembic has some issues. I mean everything imports well but when I want to just explode the object on different geometry elements it does not work. When I use connectivity on my alembic file I get just one single class atriib for the whole thing. Here is the example: connectivity.zip
  9. Hi, Can any1 tell me why my active group in dopnet only calculates on the first frame? keepInOneGroup_v003.hip
  10. Sorry. Got it working . I forgot to use my group is Point Group. Sorry, all working fine
  11. Yeah, that example doesnt work here on H16 Group + Group Promote is not enough, I need whole connected primitives, not just convert point group to prim
  12. I think this is the question I ask the most times Now they changed group sop and I cant get to work the way I did than before. I just used to select points and then another group with edge depth. It worked So how can I do it now?
  13. Hi, So I need some advice on a building destruction Im doing. The destrucion is going to be directed and need to follow some proxy destruction. I hope the drawing help to visualize what will be going on. 1) So the blue arrows shows the big proxy blocks that are animated. Simple boxes 2) The red part shows where the real bullet destruction will be. So my question is... how would you approach this effect? Do you animate the whole high poly geometry and then just activate where the contact happen? Or maybe use the proxy animation, somehow parent 'non-bullet' geo to proxy? Use proxy alembic animation or better animate again in Houdini? Animate on objects level or sop level? Because if I parent on object level to proxy, then in DOPNET everything will be completely wrong. I hope you understand my issues. Any help and ideas are welcome!
  14. Hi, So I cached my sim every each 0.1 frame, so I have 10 times more cache frames. I wanted to play with retiming this, like in a Time Warp effect. So there is even a node called timewarp. Tried that but it does not do what I want. Tried to key some bezier in In/Out but this does not look good, tried some Motion FX in In/Out, but still it does not do what I want. Timeblend does not do anything except it can hold the first and last frame, nothing fancy. So are there any other ways to stretch the cache with some bezier curve? Or maybe Im doing this with the right tools but the wrong way?