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  1. python - node calls itself

    wow, big thanks guys
  2. python - node calls itself

    Hi Can I somehow call the the node itself? Example: A node calls itself in the creation to rename itself from "my_node" to "more_owesome_node"
  3. Shortcut - run script in network view

    Yeah... Looks likemy file is setup the same way. However still this does not work. Im on apprentice version, maybe thats the issue
  4. Shortcut - run script in network view

    Actually I have found that after restarting houdini all shortcuts are lost... Any idea how to fix that? BTW I think its because of that. it looks like I cannot edit this. It only works for a running session. Once closed, all keys are lost. And I cannot see my scripts in hotkey manager (edit > hotkeys...)
  5. Shortcut - run script in network view

    Most owesome, big thanks
  6. Hi, So I scripted some custom behaviour to work in network view. It works great. However now I would like to somehow assign a key shortcut to it. So besically "press S" > "run script"... BTW Im talking here about python script
  7. Extract nodes from OTL

    Hi, I need a button that would look through my OTL for file sops, and then bring them up outside of the OTL. This would be a really sweet feature to have when developing OTLs. I guess this needs to be done in python? However I never did anything in python in H yet. Any help how to start is most welcome!
  8. "Bind" two buttons together

    So I've found this: hou.parm('myNodeA/myButtonA').pressButton() And this has to probably go to button B (A -> B ) into callback script, right? What if I already have there something in callback script in button B... ?
  9. "Bind" two buttons together

    Hi, So I need to somehow "bind" two buttons together, but only one direction relation. When I press A, the B need to run too. I was hoping "pase relative references" would do (the button is a 0 - 1 state, so why not), but unfortunately not. Do I need to use somekind of callbacks for that? Any example would be most owesome.
  10. time in a wrangle [SOLVED]

    Hi, So I have this expression: @P.z = sin(@ptnum + @T); but it looks like its running only on the first frame. How can I use time to evaluate on every each frame? EDIT: Got it, should be: @P.z = sin(@ptnum + @Frame); both @Time and @Frame work. Somehow I thought that @T is @Time
  11. addpoint

    ah.... so thats confusing. Yeah it runs over Detail and Numbers... thx
  12. addpoint

    Hi, probably super noob question, but why this does not do anything for me: addpoint(geoself(),set(0,0,0));
  13. Ok. So you need to increase the substeps of the dopnet source node, not the popsolver. That make sense actually thatthe substeps of popsolver are not valid outside of dopnet
  14. Hi, So I had this problem before but dont remember how I fixed this. As usuall.... Anyways when I increase substeps of popsolver I get that weird interpolation. It looks like houdini is confused when point count changes. I use another popnet as a source for the trails. And both popsolvers has the same substeps. this.hipnc
  15. addpoint, add attributes

    Yes yes yes exactly setpointattrib. Figured it out in the morning. But big thanks! No need for silly attr transfer sop now, so cool