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  1. @P = @oldpos -> not working

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello! If you take two wrangles. The first one is: v@oldpos = @P; the second one is: @P = @oldpos; Shouldn't the result be just the same? I'm ending up having just some points clustered on the y axis. strange.hiplc
  3. Font subdivisions

    Cool, thank you!
  4. Font subdivisions

    Hello people, can someone explain to me, how to remove this unnecessary Edge?
  5. Scale based on scattered points

    Awesome man! This is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you <3
  6. Scale based on scattered points

    Ok, interesting! But I really want to scale towards the scatterd points. The final result should still be a flat plane.
  7. Hello people, so far i´ve just red here. So first of all thanks for being this awesome community! I´m trying to scale geometry based on scatterd points in a way like the soft transform node does in sop. The pivot of each transformation should be centered to each particle. The end result I´m after is some kind of goosebump effect. goosebumps.hiplc