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  1. Test destruction

    My work for January - February 2018. These are tests on destruction of 16 Houdini. I ask for your opinion on quality
  2. Grains_test_houdini_v0.1

  3. "Height threshold" by selecting

    Hi!The question is the following. I have a simulation of the destruction, can I create a "height threshold" not according to the position of any of the coordinates, but for example using a color or something like that. File as an attachment Dest_0.1.hip
  4. cvb

  5. Question

    Hello guys how to make fluid or particles attached to them fluid moving from the bottom point and in the end got the scope.
  6. Need help

    Hello! help please, the question is I have a DOP simulation with the destruction of the bridge, which is collapsing with a bullet. Can I make a cache of the simulation and load it to another DOP to interaction with the fluid(river) please show how to build node.
  7. Destruction Colomn Houdini v0.1

    Hello guys! I'm trying to learn Houdini. It turned out that, the video below. Please indicate errors well and suggest a direction where you can move to do better quality destruction. Thank you all in advance!