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  1. setDeleteScript method does not work?

    addEventCallback from the link you gave is actually way more useful than what I was looking for in my original question. Thanks!!!
  2. setDeleteScript method does not work?

    Oh cool, thanks for that link! I was only using trying to change to hscript as an example but thanks for figuring that out. The callback would be used to alter parmTemplateGroups on another node.
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody is familiar with using the hou.node.setDeleteScript() method. In the docs, the language arg is set to Python: setDeleteScript(script_text, language=hou.scriptLanguage.Python) But when running the following code, I get an error n = hou.node('/obj/geo1') cmd = 'x = 5; print x' n.setDeleteScript(cmd) OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Python is not yet supported in deletion scripts. Just passing an empty string gives the same error. When trying to set the language flag to Hscript with n.setDeleteScript('setenv x = "hello"', language=hou.scriptLanguage.Hscript) It raises another error TypeError: setDeleteScript() got an unexpected keyword argument 'language' Is there something I'm missing? I would normally create an HDA and use the built in 'On Deleted' call and run my code there, but for this particular case I'm unable to use an HDA. I was able to find this function all the way back in the Houdini 12 docs. Is it still not usable? Thanks!
  4. Fluid Explosion with Viscosity

    1. The ground plane doesn't react with the fluid because your inputs are switched. In DOPs, order matters! Generally, you need to go colliders --> dopobject (and solver stuff) left --> right. In other words, just select the merge and hit "shift + r" 2. The reason is coming from your "force". If you look at the Normals (v@N) that you've assigned, they're only pointing in one direction! 3. If you want it to stop emitting, you can either just feed it the source points, and it will only exist on the first frame and you can blow it out, or you can keyframe the source activation and it will emit however long you want it to. Here's your file with some changes to address your list that you can poke around in Fluid_Explosion_002_fix.hip
  5. Pyro Initial Velocity Follow Emitter Normal

    No problem!
  6. Beginner VEX variable questions

    $NPT is the same as @numpt. @npt doesn't work in vex, you'd want to use @numpt or I prefer to use npoints(0) or npoints(1)... and so on, where the number inside () indicates which input you want to pull the info from. Also, you can use npoints() in SOPs as well to stay away from the $NPT syntax which I guess is sort of going away.
  7. Pyro Initial Velocity Follow Emitter Normal

    Your normal vector should follow the animation of the emitter. If that's the direction you want the smoke to go, then you should bind N to the 'v' attribute. In a point wrangle you can just do v@v = v@N; This will get picked up in the fluid source node. It doesn't look like the emitter is animated in the bottom gif though. I threw together a really quick example for you, let me know if it helps. emission_vel.hip
  8. Here's an example for you groupsandstuff.hip
  9. No, you shouldn't have to do any deleting like that in DOPs.
  10. Are you just keeping the dopnet as the output with the display flag on it? If so, go to the object merge tab and change from "*" to something like "pop*" or just the whole dopobject name "popobect1". This way, you're only importing the particles from dops and not the rest of the geo. Or use dopio
  11. I didn't use houdini that long ago, but if you want to set a group in SOPs it's just the "Group SOP". To create an attribute in SOPs you use "attribcreate". If you're in VOPs, you can set groups and add attributes with the "Bind" VOP. For adding an atttribute, just type the attribute name. For adding to groups, type "group_mygroup" but replace mygroup with whatever you want the group to be called.
  12. How could I deal with height of flame ??

    Try scaling your source volume (fuel) to get the flame to crawl higher
  13. Condision in SOP ?

    Hmm okay maybe I understand so here's an example of what I think you might mean unshared_vrman.hip
  14. Condision in SOP ?

    You can group unshared edges in a group SOP like this
  15. Alphas and flipbooks

    Sorry, here it is with a holdout. Same concept, green box. boom_comp_holdout.mov