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  1. Transfering hair from one geo to another

    ill look into that tomorrow morning, thx alot for the effort
  2. hey guys im using houdini 16 and i was wondering what is the new workflow to transfert hair from one geometry to another. someone in my team did the grooming on a tpose geometry and now i would like to transfert it to the animated version of the mesh, of course with the same topology. thx!
  3. problem with flip

    how can i get rid of the black spot in the water ? look like the flip sim is passing through my geo ?
  4. 1

  5. changing a parameter on everynode in my scene

    this did the trick! thx man
  6. changing a parameter on everynode in my scene

    i dont know much about programming i have a hard time figuring out what i have to write at the last line. i want to change the load as setting to load houdini geometry. if i hover on load as the name show up as loadmode. i tried stuff like node.setloadmode(loadhoudinigeometry): but its not working..
  7. changing a parameter on everynode in my scene

    sorry i forgot to specify, they are not at the same level. i will look into that, thx !
  8. is there a way to change a parameter on every node of the same type in my scene at once ? i need to change a setting on alot of nodes.
  9. hey guys, I imported a model with alot of small pieces from maya to houdini via alembic. i use arnold to render my stuff and to be able to view alembic geo when i render i need to set the "load as" parameter to load houdini geometry and "poly soup premitives" to no poly soup primitives on the alembic node.the problem is that i have 200+ nodes that i need to make the change to and i cant simply select all the nodes at once because they are not at the same level. is there a way to change the settings on all the node at once ? or should i post in the scripting categorie ?