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  1. Houdini and redshift machine

    How about heat this machine can render 24hrs without any problem using redshift and which is better gaming desktop or workstation for vfx.
  2. I want to buy this gaming desktop for 3d work. Houdini for simulation and redshift for rendering, what is your advice? https://www.amazon.com/GD30CI-DB71-GTX1080TI-Desktop-i7-7700-802-11ac-Keyboard/dp/B074J85KHY
  3. Houdini Modeling Drama

    By assigning hot keys you can increase modeling speed, am coming from modo and i just want to do everything in houdini. Extruding,beveling and adding loops are common in hardsurface modeling so i just put some hot keys. (Ctrl + space)extrude, (shift + space)bevel,(ctrl + shift + space)bridge,(F1)add loop and(F2)loop slice.these help me to keep my modeling speed same as in modo.when you get used to them you can be fast in houdini.
  4. I tried it but i don't which one is control, because only the null(controller) can move something.
  5. How to use ribbon to create mouth control, am rigging face using bone.
  6. How to lock bone weight

    I want to lock bone weight during weight painting but i don't know how to do this in houdini
  7. i want to attach hair and brow geometry to animated character using point deformer but i don't know how to wire the nodes correct. I tried several time but i can't the result i want.
  8. FacialRigging and mix blendshapes

    I hope sidefx create facial rigging tutorials.
  9. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Yah please i need them
  10. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    houdini 17: Need wrap deformer like maya. spacing chat for animation and inbetween tool this will help to quickly create animation. mirror poses. update bridge tool(allow select to polygon or edges and apply bridge direct this way will help to enhance modeling speed in houdini, the current way it's very slow first select source then destination hope the update it.) Loop slice like modo(loop slice allow to slice polygon like edge loop but advanced one which allow to add symmetry loops at each end or uniform edges and also has free mode, this give flexibility and speed to quickly modeling.) allowing to create short cut using most common used keys like ctrl,shift,art and space by mixing themselves this give wide range of creating shortcut keys which can be accessed easily by fingers. allowing to switch pie menu by using short cut keys instead of selecting every time.
  11. animation motion path

    how to add motion path in view port during animation in houdini, motion path allow animator to edit the animation curve direct in the view port.
  12. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    animation tools: motion path which allow to direct tweak curve in view port for better animation arc, improve view port perfomance because when enabling onion skinning the perfomance become very slow, drawing tools like doodle. rigging tools: autorig with facial controls. modeling tools: bridge tool improvement the current workflow of selecting the source edge/polygon and the selecting the destination edge/polygon it's real boring and time consuming, hope the improve this by allowing selecting both edge/polygon and apply bridge. edge loop tool need improvement to allow symmetry adding two edge direct to the conner of the object, this will increase speed in modeling process like modo loop slice has many functions (symmetry ,free, uniform). grooming: improve the perfomance when applying the hair gen it's like simulating ocean on my laptop the perfomance become very slow. due to this it's real hard to make grooming process hope the sideFX improve the perfomance of hair and fur tools.
  13. how to change stepped keyframes to spline in houdini
  14. look at

    Am following old tutorial to create system where one object aim to another object but in this tutorial they are using null and has option of look at. but null in houdini 16 does'nt has one how can i create the look at,please help me.
  15. cracking effect

    how to create cracking effect using boolean. I want to create cracking effect which demonstrate the explosion of diamond starting with cracking and explode.
  16. cracking effect

    "do a shatter geo like in the sidefx tutorial, then pack them based on connectivity" how to pack using connectivity sorry i didn't understood, please explain to me.
  17. exporting animation problem

    i just created animation using digital asset inside houdini 16. But i want to export animation to another package using (fbx or alembic). i keep getting weird result when exporting this animation in alembic some geometry jump to another position and fbx missing part of the asset.Please can you check this file and help me if there is any problem. chibanimation.hip
  18. exporting animation problem

    my digital asset seifdune_queen.hda
  19. i keep getting watermark when using arnold on linux other program like nuke running without any problem. i tried to follow different solution but i can't solve this problem until now. many say the problem is rlm because the foundry program use the same port with arnold and cause conflicts. how to create environment variable on linux(i want to create one for arnold) and how to set up a license server.