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  1. "do a shatter geo like in the sidefx tutorial, then pack them based on connectivity" how to pack using connectivity sorry i didn't understood, please explain to me.
  2. how to create cracking effect using boolean. I want to create cracking effect which demonstrate the explosion of diamond starting with cracking and explode.
  3. my digital asset seifdune_queen.hda
  4. i just created animation using digital asset inside houdini 16. But i want to export animation to another package using (fbx or alembic). i keep getting weird result when exporting this animation in alembic some geometry jump to another position and fbx missing part of the asset.Please can you check this file and help me if there is any problem. chibanimation.hip
  5. i keep getting watermark when using arnold on linux other program like nuke running without any problem. i tried to follow different solution but i can't solve this problem until now. many say the problem is rlm because the foundry program use the same port with arnold and cause conflicts. how to create environment variable on linux(i want to create one for arnold) and how to set up a license server.