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  1. SOLVED. Used a "firework-metod" where i bursted out particle when my first one died.
  2. Hi.I want to emitt particles from a boiling geometry(geo with spheres, at a random lifetime). But i need to activate emitting just as my “boiling sphere” is at the end of its lifetime. Im using two popnets, but no sure if thats nessesary.I cant to it with keyframes expressions it seems, because my boubles has random lifetimes.Anyone know how to controll emmiting with expressions based on pscale or lifetime?Let me know if i havent explained it good enough.This is sort of an extension to the https://vimeo.com/152083535 [vimeo.com] tutorial on boiling geo.thanks ToForums.hiplc
  3. Hi. Im new to smoke simulations and are no good at expressions. I have a simulation where I need to emitt smoke from particles. I want my smoke to burst/explode for just a minimum of time right after my particles dissapear/die. Like boiling bubles or something like that. Is there a good way to set up my smoke sim, so it starts from each particle in just at the end of my particles life and then make it explode? thanks for any help File to project: ToForums.hiplc
  4. Ive followed your tutorials on converting bvh to cmd files, for how to use bvh/cmd on mocap biped 1. Is there an easy way to be able to use the mocap biped 3?(the new character in Houdini) I tried to use the 3rd the other day, by following your "[Houdini] Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent" tutorial, but my rig get very twisted. I think it has to do with the order of bones/or name of bones are different. Are there any good ways to use mocap biped 3? thanks