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  1. Hello guys, I've been developing a crowd setup for about 3 weeks now and I'm currently stuck with a weird problem at render time. some agents are cropped with different camera angle (head, arm, etc) and it feels like the bounding box if the pack agent is too small, because when I unpack the agent, it renders fine I've consolidate the problem in a simple testing scene, where I have 2 agent, both imported with the 2 principal methods (agent loads fbx direcly, and fbx loaded in scene and agent points at that) both methods are the same, they look like mantra is rendering by tiles and its like some tiles totally forgets that there's an agent. I've tried all kinds of scale, raytracing bias, sampling, and now I know that when I remove one of the to agents, it changes the result like you see in the image do some one have an idea of what could it be? thanks