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  1. CreatingTimelapseCloud

    hey, there you go. Houdini tutorial flowing clouds (RUS) The tutorial is in russian. But I think it's fairly simple to follow.
  2. Pyro flames pumping

    alright. A few frustrating hours in I found what I was looking for. Turns out I just had to turn off the noise in the fluid source(scalar volumes -> noise tab). To make it even smoother I turned up the viscocity in the pyro solver(simulation tab). This might come in handy as well. sidefx pyro look cheers
  3. Pyro flames pumping

    Hi guys, I dropped smokeless flames on a sphere and I get this "pumping" flame. I just want a steady stream. Jet engine/blow torch of sorts. I also ticked off everything in the shapes tab.
  4. Auto swap HDRI and render

    UH, nifty. That'll do it. Thank you.
  5. Auto swap HDRI and render

    Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for something more automated.
  6. Auto swap HDRI and render

    Hey Guys, I'm doing some lookdev right now. I'd like Houdini to swap out the HDR environment light image. Send it off to deadline for rendering and repeat for as many HDR files I have in my folder. Could somebody point me in a direction. I have not the slightest idea where to begin with. much obliged