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  1. Id map uv rendering with bakertexture rop

    Hey wonder if you could help me as i've been having trouble doing what you have done here. So I imported a model from zbrush with material id's to Houdini and created a low and high poly version. Then I added the game baker rop and tried baking out all the available map options, but the material ID map didn't come out. I didn't allocate materials using the principle shader, but as you can see from the image the geometry has already inherited the colour ids from the (fbx) zbrush import..I would really appreciate it if you could run me through the procedure as I'm pretty new to learning this and struggling to do this simple thing. - https://imgur.com/a/U61hL Many thank in advance
  2. Hi, I'm a novice and am following a tutorial where I need to use the 'For Each Subnet' node, but 16.5 has removed it. What should I use instead?
  3. I'm trying for the first time to work with gravity and various 'Solids' attributes (like organic mass/tissue etc) . I imported an object i worked on in Zbrush. Then worked out it needed to be a tet, so converted it using tetrahedralize. Now I get the error message you can see in the pictures that states "The selected mesh has no surface triangles" - but I converted it already! What am i doing wrong here? Any help would be enormously appreciated. Thank you very much in advance
  4. (Novice) Align a selection to point

    Very simple operation required: I need to align all points to the vertical axis occupied by a single point. (align points to the vertical axis of the point highlighted) There has to be a simple method for this. Thanks in advance
  5. Following a modelling tutorial and the tutor sets up their image to model from using the Image Network. I cannot find this node anywhere. How do I set this up? Also, if there is a simple way to setup a reference image to model from please let me know, there are very limited tutorials as far as I can see. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    p.s i was working with an object around 50 times that size before, so it's no wonder it felt like i had a potato for a cpu
  7. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    That is incredibly helpful. I was scratching around in the dark for days not understanding, but knowing that the cube is 1m x 1m and those units are in meters...v helpful. Cheers mate
  8. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    I think you may be right - literally just twigged that this might be it. Attached is the top view of a hat for a character. You can see the scale of it in relation to the x axis just above it (in between -63 and -62). In your opinion, is this size ok (for a hat)? SD
  9. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    Hey man, thanks. Though my density isn't even that high. I was following this tutorial where she puts the density up to 3000 (ive placed the clip at the point she does this so no need to scroll the TL ) and it updates instantly. Mine struggles to render it and i'm running a 6950x. Could it be that she's using a GPU renderer? Or perhaps i've not configured the software properly (or something?) As a noob i keep thinking i've missed some vital settings configuration.
  10. 10 Cores shouldn't be this slow?..Should it? (also hair details don't seem to show here? any ideas)