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  1. I'm trying for the first time to work with gravity and various 'Solids' attributes (like organic mass/tissue etc) . I imported an object i worked on in Zbrush. Then worked out it needed to be a tet, so converted it using tetrahedralize. Now I get the error message you can see in the pictures that states "The selected mesh has no surface triangles" - but I converted it already! What am i doing wrong here? Any help would be enormously appreciated. Thank you very much in advance
  2. (Novice) Align a selection to point

    Very simple operation required: I need to align all points to the vertical axis occupied by a single point. (align points to the vertical axis of the point highlighted) There has to be a simple method for this. Thanks in advance
  3. Following a modelling tutorial and the tutor sets up their image to model from using the Image Network. I cannot find this node anywhere. How do I set this up? Also, if there is a simple way to setup a reference image to model from please let me know, there are very limited tutorials as far as I can see. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    p.s i was working with an object around 50 times that size before, so it's no wonder it felt like i had a potato for a cpu
  5. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    That is incredibly helpful. I was scratching around in the dark for days not understanding, but knowing that the cube is 1m x 1m and those units are in meters...v helpful. Cheers mate
  6. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    I think you may be right - literally just twigged that this might be it. Attached is the top view of a hat for a character. You can see the scale of it in relation to the x axis just above it (in between -63 and -62). In your opinion, is this size ok (for a hat)? SD
  7. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    Hey man, thanks. Though my density isn't even that high. I was following this tutorial where she puts the density up to 3000 (ive placed the clip at the point she does this so no need to scroll the TL ) and it updates instantly. Mine struggles to render it and i'm running a 6950x. Could it be that she's using a GPU renderer? Or perhaps i've not configured the software properly (or something?) As a noob i keep thinking i've missed some vital settings configuration.
  8. 10 Cores shouldn't be this slow?..Should it? (also hair details don't seem to show here? any ideas)