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  1. Noise on all verts

    Thank you so much!
  2. Ive made this ring and I'm just trying to figure out how to add noise to the few points at the start of the ring as well. If you take a look at my example you'll see there's a section on the ring that doesn't animate. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh! PS: I'm a newb so Please bare that in mind. -Ryan VFX_LightningLoop.hip
  3. Copy Objects Scale Them by pos

    Ah I see! That is handy! Thanks again for looking into it.
  4. Copy Objects Scale Them by pos

    I did it!! stamp("../copy1/","sizecolor",0) I love this program
  5. Copy Objects Scale Them by pos

    I was able to color them just was missing that "use template point attribute" checkbox... now how to scale by color?
  6. Copy Objects Scale Them by pos

    Here's the file. Not sure what you mean by chramp in a wrangle. Have a look. VFX_RootsTest.hip
  7. Hi there, I'm really new to Houdini so forgive me if this sounds silly. I made a vine from a L system just a straight tube right now no branches. I scattered some points on it, got the normal of the tube transferred those onto my points and am able to copy a "thorn" mesh i generated from a tube. Question is how do I scale the thorns along the vine? Bigger ones at the bottom and smaller ones as you get near the end of the vine.. as its tapered? Thanks for any help in advance! -Ryan