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  1. Hqueue Clients

    Thanks a lot for your feedback Luke. Regarding the licenses this is now solved. We actually did try to generate the IFD on the fly (we have only one Houdini license), this is now solved. However we now run into what I assume are Windows permission related issues. I'll include our Admin and maybe SideFX support to help us fix this. Thanks
  2. Hqueue Clients

    Edit: After installing the Commercial License Server on the client I moved one step ahead ( I think). I managed to set the License Server with 'hserver -S servername', but now I get the error message: No licenses could be found to run this application. Please check for a valid license server host As mentioned we want to render on the farm (no simulation) and we have 15 Mantra render licenses (all of them available) installed on our license Server. Any Ideas? Thx Cyrill
  3. Hqueue Clients

    Hi all, We're setting up a small render farm with Houdini 16. We have one server with Hqueue Server and the shared drive. This Server also serves as the License Server. At the moment we have only one Render Client (for testing purposes) with Hqueue client and nothing else installed. When trying to render something we get a License Error: Unable to connect to hserver for license acquisition error. Question how can I point the clients to the correct license Server? I understand that this can be done in the License Administrator but it isn't installed on the client. Should we install Houdini on every client? Thanks you for your help Regards, Cyrill
  4. Slope based noise

    got it to work Besten Dank
  5. Slope based noise

    Hi all, We are working on a custom Houdini shader and want to add a layer of slope based dirt on top of the textures. Right now we are importing the global variable 'N' into our Material network and are calculating the dot product between this 'N' and a constant vector of 0, 1, 0. We then use this dot product as a bias value for a colormix node, as long as the dot product is positive we add dirt, else no dirt is added. (see screenshot 3) This kind of works but when rotating the camera (see screenshots 1 and 2) the added dirt moves as well. It is allways in yUp as seen from the local camera. Any Ideas how to fix this? Thanks Cyrill
  6. Thank you for your help Regards, Cyrill
  7. Hi all, Houdini noob here We are trying to create a Digital asset which should include a couple of lights, a camera and a Mantra node. We did create a new subnet which includes the lights and the camera, however we don't know how to add the Mantra node. How can we achieve this? Thank you for your help Regards, Cyrill