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  1. Hey Mike, it totally works! I tried a low rez version, then updated it to a high rez... works like a charm! Thanks for all your help
  2. Awesome! I will try it out. Thanks!
  3. Hey Mike, Yeah I tried all that is listed above and everything checks out. I have attached the hip file cause I am at a loss and it seems to break whenever I make changes to the cloth setup. Thanks for looking into this. Ernie SimpleCloth_Test01.hip
  4. Hey Mike, Well... it did work when I updated and ran it on my current test... but when I uprez'd my grid cloth by adding more rows and columns, re-cached it and re-rendered it, I got this result below. I have tried to revert the cloth back to the original settings, I cannot get it to be correct again. I have also re-created the Unreal side of things and still cant get it to work. Thoughts? Ernie
  5. It totally works!!! Thanks man I really appreciate it! Ernie
  6. Thanks Mike! Let me know. Ernie
  7. Hey Mike, I works! Well, almost The issue I see now, is that the end of the cloth sim from Houdini to Unreal do not match, even when my num_frames param both match. See attached images. Thanks for your help and feedback! I appreciate it man! -Ernie
  8. Hey Mike, sure thing. Here you go and thanks for taking a look at this. Ernie SimpleCloth_Test01.hip
  9. Hey Guys, I too am having this same exact problem. I have basically followed along with the Houdini for Games Webinar, so my setup is pretty much the same. Grid turned to cloth falls on a static object... really no difference. But when I render, the BBox values do not populate. I have tried to install the update above and it still don't work. I am running a commercial version of Houdini 16.0.557. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!