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  1. Fixing Normals

    Thank you so much, Jesper!! I am used to C4D but really like the power of Houdini. Sometimes I get a bit lost on what is going on behind the hood though. That fixed it. (I will added a node to move the points used for the Copy node slightly in the normal direction to make it look a bit better). Here is result: Belt.hiplc
  2. Fixing Normals

    I am not sure why the normals are not working as I think they should, but I am trying to model a simple belt and have the decorations follow the belt. I do not want to add an old point SOP to make all normals point upwards, but rather have them follow the belt. Would you mind telling me what is wrong in my model? Thanks. Belt.hiplc
  3. Snake scales not following UV direction

    Thank you for the links. I am not sure why it is not working as is, but I got closer by copy stamping a distorted sphere instead. I am more familiar with C4D mograph, so it will take awhile to figure out those examples, but at least I’ve got a direction to go. I'm still working on the head, but here is the body.
  4. Snake scales not following UV direction

    I am not very skilled in Houdini, but am trying to create a snake model with scales. I haven't completed the head or branch yet, but I am having a problem where the scales don't follow the UV directions of an object when the copy-stamp node is used. If any one can let me know what I did wrong, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Snake.hiplc
  5. VEX 101 and new point SOP

    Thank you. That is very helpful and works perfectly! A lot of tutorials are for older versions of Houdini, and some of the newer nodes appear to be completely different from the older versions: most notably the new and old point SOP. It looks like it would be better to learn VEX than python for Houdini work. I am somewhat familiar with older programs (Algol, Fortran C++, Visual basic, etc.) but have no experience with VEX. Your code will be very helpful for substituting a point wrangle (and a attribute delete) for the old point SOP.
  6. A lot of old tutorials use the old point SOP for a color ramp, purely to assign a number between 0 and 1 for some future purpose. For instance for a line oriented along the y axis, the old point SOP has the color channels deleted and then puts an "add color" of ($BBY,0,0). Sometimes normals are deleted as well. Commonly the next node added is an attribute VOP with a ramp parameter to reassign this 0-1 range on the red channel to some spline ramp value. I am trying to not use the old point SOP for new models. I see there are two different nodes, and I am not sure which to substitute: the "point wrangle" with yellow cowboy hat (attribute wrangle) and the new "point" with red cowboy hat (attribute expression). Which is better to use? With the point wrangle, I can put in VEX code like "@Cd = set(.5, 1, 0);" to assign a constant color, but what would be the equivalent of $BBY? What is the VEX equivalent of the old point SOP "no normal" to delete normals? Thanks.
  7. Recreating C4D primitives

    That is perfect! I didn't see the dropdown icon before, but it will do just what I had hoped for. Thank you so much!
  8. Recreating C4D primitives

    Thanks! I didn't know you could edit/see content with a right click, but looking at your capsule, it will be VERY helpful. The helix didn't work with 50 points, but I'm sure it is user error (see above).
  9. Recreating C4D primitives

    Thanks. I don't really understand the new point SOP or VEX, but I'm not getting a helix with one click (see attached). I tried to roughly recreate your capsule, since the digital asset is locked. It is not as good as yours, but close. I wish I could see the details on the nodes you used. CapsuleMine.hiplc HelixHoudini16_5.hiplc
  10. Recreating C4D primitives

    Thank you very much, Noobini. Now to create an oil tank, helix, n-side curve, and cogwheel. The n-sided curve is probably just a polygon circle, so that is easly.
  11. Recreating C4D primitives

    I am trying to recreate C4D primitives in Houdini to use as digital assets. Some things (grid, box, sphere, torus, circle, tube, landscape, platonic) are already there, but several are not. I think I can figure out how to create a capsule and oil tank. I have figured out how to create cones and disc (see attachment) but not helix, n-side, or cogwheel. Has anyone created these assets? disc.hiplc cone.hiplc cone.hiplc