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  1. Hi, I would like to align selected UVs to minimum (or maximum) U (or V) value. With this approach you can straighten UVs. Is there a SOP which can help me ? If there is no build in SOP, how can I achive this with VEX/ VOPs (the Algorithm is easy, but how do I get the UVs in VEX and set them. If one uses the Point SOP, how can I access all UVs)? Perhaps someone has an example as this operation seems crucial to me.
  2. You are looking for this then (use Subdiv SOP and OpenSubdiv Bilinear Algo):
  3. I understand. Would be interesting to know how houdini users round surfaces (in complex models). A manual approach is to use Divide Edge Sop and then select the added edges and poke them. But it is to cumbersome. Surely one could make a node which simplifies it.
  4. In your case it is easier to use Edge Loop like this:
  5. I think it is important in which order you select the edges. Try it.
  6. Yes, if it is not aligned, you have to use Orientation Picking. It is a little bit cumbersome, especially if you come from Maya.
  7. One trick is to scale first, then snap. Like this:
  8. Shift+S is shrink selection ???
  9. Someone an idea ?
  10. Hi, does Houdine have something like an Edit Edge Flow in Maya or Flow Conform in Max? As you can see you can add more detail to the surface. It is something like add an edge loop and scale but of curse a lot faster and topology conform.
  11. Okay I have found the solution. The Group Type parameter has to be "Primitives": Then the Facet SOP will take only the prims defined in the group. If you switch to "Points", then all points will be processed!
  12. You could try with one boolean per tube, so you would have separate abseams groups (you can name them differently). Then you would have one group for each seam.
  13. @vtrvtr: Thanks. Hmm okay, seems like a big oversight. So it is not possible (without custom expressions) to change cusp angle or make planar locally on a specific group.How do you handle such situations in houdini ?
  14. Hi, i wanted to use the Facet SOP on a certain selection of points. The node network looks like this: The group parameters are as follows and select four points. The Facet SOP parameter are as follows: Every option I select in the Facet SOP (e.g. Make Planar) effects all points and not only the selected points. Has anyone an idea why ? Thanks in advance
  15. Why don't you transform your original tubes ? The changes will affect the resulting holes. You can change every tube seperately and the transformation is correct around the center.