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  1. Waoooo!!!! That's so amazing!! I really appreciate your great work! I'm very impressed what you did. It makes me encourage a lot. Thank you for sharing your method and your hip file!!!
  2. Hi, guys. I 'm practicing houdini modeling. Now I'm tring to make a coca cola bottle cap watching gear making tutorial movie. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VIutrsYK5M But it didin't go well, could you tell me other good ways to make a bottle cap model? bottle_cap.hipnc Reference Images
  3. Thank you, davpe and Sean-R! I'm so excited. I really appreciate your kind cooperation. These hip files are really helpful for me to make a bottle cap model. davpe I didn't understand how to edit polygon like other 3D softeware.(Maya,3DsMax) So, your hip file is so helpful to learn basic houdini modeling opareation. Sean-R Attribute Wrangle node is like magic. your wrangle code is bloody impressive! It's amazing. I restart to make bottle cap modeling. I'll put it to good use.Thank you! Ikuya
  4. Hi, guys. I'm a houdini begginer. I want to make a coca cola bottle. First, I tried to make it using revolve SOP, but I didn't know how do I make a dent on a bottle. Could you give me some advice, which SOP should I use to make the bottle efficiently. Best regards, Ikuya
  5. Wow, thanks so much to you for this amazing method, I really appreciate it and I'm excited. I can't still understand everything about VOPs network of your hip file, but I'm starting to get it. Thanks for the hip file. I'll put it to good use.