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  1. worked man, thanks a lot!
  2. i will try this, thanks =)
  3. i used to create a grid and use the blueprint to cover it, then i use to create something like a square or whatever to start modeling just that, just want to know how to apply a simple JPG in a face a grid.
  4. Hi, im start learning Houdini now, and im a noob. I thought about start modeling something just to get some practice with the software, i have some modeling time in Maya so i decided that could be a great idea starting with it in houdini too, but i dont really know how to set a JPG as material so i can use it as blueprint, i found a way to snap a image in the background, but that wasnt exactly what i wanted. I just want o create a grid and use the blueprint to cover it so i can model from there. Thanks in advance!