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  1. Thanks woodenduck and David, Yes, I am going forward with Houdini , I'm sure its not an easy ride, but this forum & members like you are there to help, so no worries. Already started with Procedural modelling in Houdini . Thanks & Regards.
  2. Thanks a lot acey195, garf and dyei nightmare for your thoughts, i really appreciate it. Going forward with Houdini, have started with revising my math and learning procedural modelling in Houdini for start. I'm sure i'll be hanging around here more now, with many questions. Thanks & regards.
  3. Hello Guys, I hope all are doing well. I'm prtmsh, new to the cg/vfx industry, currently an intern learning camera tracking and matchmoving. I started with matchmoving to get my foot in the door, but I aspire to be an FX artist. My question is related to what learning path to follow. I have very basic knowledge of modelling in Maya and 3ds Max. I cant afford to attend any VFX/CG school, mostly watch youtube and Digital tutors. Should I first learn to create particle sims like fire,smoke etc in Max/Maya and once i'm good at that look for a junior level job, and slowly move on to Houdini. Will knowledge of Max and its FX plugins help me towards understanding Houdini better? I am aware I can start with Houdini directly, but reading from posts here I suppose i'll have to study Math and python as well. Kindly excuse me if my question is redundant or too noobish, I have very beginner level knowledge of what CG/VFX is. I would appreciate your advice. Thanks & Regards.