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  1. Hi, I wouldn't be surprised if this question has been answered here before (apologies if it has), but i'm not even sure what's the best search terms to use for this problem: Suppose I have a sphere object and I split it to northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. Suppose I delete the northern hemisphere and add some new point attribute to the "equator" points of the southern hemisphere (which I have labelled as @equator. I would now like to transfer those attributes back to the orignal sphere before I did any deleting/manipulation. What's the best way to achieve this? I recall watching this video tutorial once that used the old Point SOP and plugged the original sphere into input1, and the southern hemisphere into input2. By using the older houdini (i'm assuming the video was using H12.5?...) it's possible to reference the equator points from input2 by using $EQUATOR2 where $EQUATOR is that from the first input. My ultimate question is how would I perform this task using the current Point SOP, and with attributes instead of variables. Is this something that is maybe better served via the point expression in a wrangle sop?... Thanks!