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  1. Export animation data to JSON

    Thanks everyone. I'm pretty new to the whole thing. Basically what I want to be able to do is animate a 3D object in Houdini (basic things like rotations and translation) export those values to JSON. Then the JSON file is read in to an external program that will move the physical robot in the same way I've animated it in Houdini. What should I read to be able to understand what f1480187 or even j00ey mentions?
  2. Export animation data to JSON

    I'm working on a project that was previously using Cinema4D to export to Unity, then we were exporting to JSON from Unity. Very laborious and too many pieces. A friend of mine suggested we might be able to by pass the middle man... use Houdini through and through and export to JSON. The animation is quite simple.. we'll actually be using the data to move an object with a motor in it. We animate in 3D and export the data to a physical object. Is there a way to do this with Houdini using some sort of JSON export capabilities or could we use Python somehow? Thanks for any advice. I'm looking for options really.