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  1. Houdini pyro emitter object issue

    What version of houdini are you using?
  2. Pyro Sim Failing to Collide

    Thanks Dam, I really appreciate the input. I'll give that a shot and see if I can get it working.
  3. Hi again everyone, I'm working through a Pluralsight tutorial (Introduction to Houdini Pyro) for developing a firebreath sim. It was made in Houdini 15 and I only have access to Houdini 16. I've been running into some issues related to the different versions. One of my main problems at the moment is my pyro sim isn't colliding with the dragon geometry that I need to be using in my current project; there are some minor differences in settings as I need a much smaller flame with a different look, but otherwise I'm following the tutorial's steps closely. The POP network that the fluidsource is plugged into doesn't register that the dragon's head is a collision object. The tutorial doesn't do anything specific to make the two interact and their example works fine but mine doesn't collide at all. Has anyone done this tutorial series before and had success with this previously? Or are there any Houdini wizards out there who could take a look at my .hip file and suggest where I'm going astray? I've included some screen shots from the tutorial (Snake) and then from my file (Dragon), to give you an idea of what I'm working with. There's also the tutorial's .hip file, my current .hip file, and a link to the dragon geo alembic file included below. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nUEqhUvCtpeVFBS0xTYVhRY0U (Dragon Alembic) Thanks again ODFORCE, Chris (AUS) Mother_Dragon001.hipnc Snake_Tutorial.hipnc
  4. Got an answer from another forum. Figured I'd leave the solution here for anyone else needing the work around.I needed to paint the geometry.Then add a Group node and a GroupExpression node. Set both to points.Then use the VEXpression “@Cd.r > .2”.Got me the results I needed!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm following a Houdini 15 tutorial and i'm using Houdini 16. Seeings as the group node has been changed in H16 i'm having trouble getting the same results. The tutorial uses a paint node to highlight a section of geometry and then uses H15's group node to select the painted geo. It then makes that selection into points and enters the expression “$CR>.2” into the filter expression box. Does anyone know how to replicate this in H16 with the new group nodes? I've included a screen shot of the tutorial for reference. Any help is really appreciated. Chris
  6. Creating Pyro sim VDB for use in Maya 2017

    Hi Goliath20, Thank you for breaking all of that down. It really helped me out. I did originally have my filecache set to Write when I was trying to write the files. I'm guessing I changed it over to read after a few previous attempts. The vectormerge node is a great idea! Thanks for that gem! Much love! Chris
  7. Hi everyone, I'm attempting to export a pyro sim as VDB files for use in Maya 2017. I've followed a few tutorials but each time my VDBs are only 1KB each in size. Has anyone had experience with this process and could offer some advice? I'll include a copy of my hipnc if someone would like to take a look. Thanks for your time, Kind regards, Chris (AUS) campfire010.hipnc