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  1. create rig from RBD objects

    So I was able to use the RBDtoFBX from the Game Dev Toolset shelf to export my baked sim from Houdini into Maya. Then I was able to use this python script in Maya to automatically convert each object piece into a bone and have it auto skinned. import maya.cmds as mc def bakeToSkeleton(): #Set up selection selection = mc.ls(sl = True) mc.select(cl=True) jointList = [] locList = [] duplicateList = [] rootJoint = "rootJoint" #Create and attach Skeleton to meshes if mc.objExists("rootJoint")==False: rootJoint = "rootJoint" mc.joint(n=rootJoint, p=(0, 0, 0)) mc.select(cl=True) for selected in selection: if "|" in selected: nice_name = selected.split("|") nice_name = nice_name[1] else: nice_name = selected locName = nice_name + "_Loc" jointName = nice_name + "_joint" mc.joint(n=jointName, p=(0, 0, 0)) mc.parent(jointName, rootJoint) mc.spaceLocator(n=locName, p=(0, 0, 0)) mc.pointConstraint(selected,locName) mc.orientConstraint(selected,locName) mc.scaleConstraint(selected,locName) locList.append(locName) jointList.append(jointName) mc.select(cl=True) #Bake Animation to joints and remove constraints animStartTime = mc.playbackOptions(q=True, minTime=True) animEndTime = mc.playbackOptions(q=True, maxTime=True) currentFrame = animStartTime while(currentFrame <= animEndTime): i = 0 while(i < len(locList)): currentT = mc.getAttr(locList[i] + ".translate") currentR = mc.getAttr(locList[i] + ".rotate") currentS = mc.getAttr(locList[i] + ".scale") mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "translateX", v = currentT[0][0]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "translateY", v = currentT[0][1]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "translateZ", v = currentT[0][2]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "rotateX", v = currentR[0][0]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "rotateY", v = currentR[0][1]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "rotateZ", v = currentR[0][2]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "scaleX", v = currentS[0][0]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "scaleY", v = currentS[0][1]) mc.setKeyframe(jointList[i], at = "scaleZ", v = currentS[0][2]) i += 1 mc.currentTime(currentFrame, e = True) currentFrame += 1 #Duplicate and attach mesh to joints i = 0 while i<len(selection): if "|" in selection[i]: nice_dup_name = selection[i].split("|") nice_dup_name = nice_dup_name[1] else: nice_dup_name = selection[i] dupName = nice_dup_name + "_baked" #mc.duplicate(selection[i], n= dupName) shapes = mc.listRelatives(selection[i], s = True) tmp = mc.instance(shapes[0]) mc.duplicate(tmp, n=dupName) mc.delete(tmp) mc.parent(dupName, world = True) mc.makeIdentity(apply = True) duplicateList.append(dupName) mc.select(dupName, jointList[i]) mc.skinCluster(toSelectedBones=True) i+=1 #Collect and clean up scene for i in locList: mc.delete(i) mc.group("rootJoint", duplicateList, n="Baked Simulation Contents") mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.sz",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.sy",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.sx",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.tz",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.ty",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.tx",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.rz",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.ry",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) mc.setAttr("Baked_Simulation_Contents.rx",keyable = False,lock=True, channelBox = False) for i in selection: mc.hide(i) print i print "Baked Animation To Skeleton Conversion Done" bakeToSkeleton()
  2. create rig from RBD objects

    Fracture Animation Export? I think that just exports an fbx for Unreal and Unity. I wanted bones to get created for me with auto rigging.
  3. Hello, I am wondering how i can take an object that i have fractured with glue constraints and sim'd and have Houdini automatically create a bone for each fractured object and skin weight it and bake the sim animation into the bones. I tried searching this forum and the interwebs and i'm not finding what i want. thanks!