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  1. Hi, We are having issues with tiled renders not writing out the images planes that are present in scene. Doing a local render or non-tiled submission with Afanasy works as expected. Looking at the tile renders generatedby the job before the stitch, it appears that whilst there is a separate .exrfile written out for every tile named "filename.exr.tile_1.exr" for example for tile #1, this contains no image plane information. We also have a file namedsimply "filename.exr" which does have embedded image planes but seems to be being written to by each node that is rendering a tile, simultaneously and is always unreadable. Is this correct behaviour and does Afanasy actually support tiled rendering with image planes in Houdini? I would have thought that each separate tile .exr would contain all of the required image planes for the stitched image. If you can shed any light on what we may be doing incorrectly that would be appreciated. thanks Tom
  2. Interference Pattern in Edinburgh is looking for a Houdini Pipeline TD for a short-term role as we adopt Houdini as our primary FX, lighting & render software. We’re looking for someone to develop our pipeline, asset management and toolset. Our main softwares are Nuke, Maya, and Houdini, with Shotgun used for production management. We'd like to hear from people with experience in VFX or Animation who share our passion for Houdini. If you are interested please contact us at info@interferencepattern.com with the subject line “Pipeline TD”. Qualifications Min 1 year of experience as a pipeline TD Expert knowledge of Houdini Python scripting ability Excellent problem-solving skills Good interpersonal communication skills Bash/cshell/Linux knowledge Knowledge of render queuing software Understanding of relational databases and/or SQL Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Computing Science a plus Knowledge of Shotgun or asset management a plus Some knowledge of Maya and Nuke a plus C/C abilities a plus