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  1. Stop geometry from deforming further after Active?

    Thanks! Yes, this works. Another question I have is this, my simulation is being done on proxy resolution pieces. I am transferring position and rotation data to the hi-res pieces after the sim. Is there a way to make the Hi-res pieces that were made active in the sim stop deforming? Basically transfer that attribute from proxy to hi-res?
  2. I need to keep my geometry from deforming further after it has become active in a rbd simulation The setup is as follows: I have a piece of geometry being shattered by booleans. The geometry has thickness. That geo goes into a wave deformer that is animated. Separate geo is used to make certain pieces of the fractured geo active in the rbd solver. When any shattered pieces are active and released they appear to still be affected by deformer. ... They stretch because of the deformer. I would like them to retain shape, size and volume as they are on the frame they are made active. Thanks, Jake