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  1. Hi, i want to make flame in houdini like a campfire with firewoods. i got particles from my emitter but i can't see my firewoods in dopnet. just smoke and fire i have no objects. do you know guys what can i do for this?
  2. Houdini tracking

    i used boujou for tracking...i don't know why i can't still see the image when i get render.
  3. Houdini tracking

    thanks Follyx i have one more question i did render and put them into houdini,i can see my image sequence in the viewport for my render cam but can't see when i get render in the houdini. i just see render marks. do you know why?
  4. Houdini tracking

  5. Houdini tracking

    Hi, Please can you help me for my demo reel how can i put my fractured building simulation into video footage and where will i get my last render maya or houdini i don't know. somebody can explain to me please?