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  1. ocean displacement with deformed geometry

    In this Scenes ,I use the oceanspectrum node export the bgeo file,then use the material to make grid displacement. So I don't know how to apply ocean to a grid first and then do deformation of complete ocean.
  2. I want to displace the ocean with a deformed grid,, but the displacement of the white caps and foam are being stretched and look wrong due to the deformer,look like this picture ,how can I fix it.
  3. Parting Red Sea

    I want a lots of details when the Red Sea separate,like 1956's <Ten Commandments>,so I want to reference this movie ,make two emitters, pour water to a dam, then reverse it. Because the water flowing after a while, the start of reversing it, there are many details, how about you?
  4. Parting Red Sea

    I want to try an effect about Parting Red Sea,who can give me some idears? thank you!
  5. The question about HQueue

    Thank you! I'll try it.
  6. I would like to ask a question about Houdini HQueue. My Shared directory is my C disk. The remaining space of it only has more than 100G. When I make the large simulation, the cache is also very large. The remaining space isn't enough. May I know how could other computer read my other disk, whether I need re-install HQueue Server? Or do you have other solution except change a larger hard dive.
  7. Double-sided materials

  8. Double-sided materials

    How to make the Double-sided materials in Houdini. There are two materials in the positive and negative side of a gird.
  9. The rain simulation with new popnet

    Thank you ! I also want to konw how to make mesh. I have used particle fluid surface node,and I want a very little raindrops ,so I use a very small pscale ,but the mesh has a heavy quiver.
  10. The rain simulation with new popnet

    I want to have a result of showing that rain is coming down on the umbrella with new popnet work,who can help me?