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  1. Transformations ?

    Hi, Where can I get information or a tutorial on Subnet Transformations, PreTransformations & Parm Transformations ?
  2. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    I wasn't born 10 yrs ago I grew fast in 10 yrs, sheesh.
  3. Dot Vector in Python ?

    Common I missed that. I suppose my truncated rounded variable is not working as I thought, if it was the results should be match Since one values gives me a valid float color value; any suggestions on how I can get Houdini to test if the truncated float color value is equal to that of the full float color value ?
  4. Dot Vector in Python ?

    def theLooper(curNode): for thePrim in curNode.geometry().prims(): primColor = thePrim.floatListAttribValue("Cd") rounded = tuple((round(total,3)) for total in primColor) print(thePrim.number()) print(primColor) print("Theese are the rounded numbers\n"+str(rounded)) #print(round(primColor,3)) dot = hou.Vector3(primColor).dot(hou.Vector3((rounded)) tolerance = 0.000001 if dot >= 1.0-tolerance and dot <=1.0+tolerance: print("match") else: print("no match") if curNode.geometry().findPrimAttrib("Cd"): print("yes") else: print("no") The error is at the `tolerance` variable ?
  5. Dot Vector in Python ?

    I know that; what I can't figure out is the error. I get an error related to hou.py in the python library.
  6. Dot Vector in Python ?

    Sorry, can you point out the formatting issue ?
  7. Dot Vector in Python ?

    I'm getting an error within the function. Does there appear anything wrong here ? tolerance = 0.000001 if dot >= 1.0-tolerance and dot <=1.0+tolerance: print("match") else: print("no match") Otherwise the error is; AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'theLooper'; being the name of the function ?
  8. Dot Vector in Python ?

    The primColor and rounding happen per primitive and works successfully except when I declare the tolerance variable along with a condition then it breaks. From what @MrScienceOfficer supplied as code should tell me per primitive whether the full float and truncated float values match.
  9. Dot Vector in Python ?

    I understand. What I don't understand is why the error ? tolerance = 0.000001
  10. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    My bet is on Autodesk; Fabric Engine could open up proceduralism into Maya combine it with MASH etc.
  11. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    All bets on they got bought; if that isn't the case then they were unorganized and things went sour. There is product and then there is business, product was good; business wasn't stable and so this is the end result. Therefore product turns to dust. On the other hand; we have Houdini
  12. Dot Vector in Python ?

    The condition using 'and' verifies whether the floating point value is down to an extremely small value to compare. Although I'm getting an error regarding the tolerance variable ? tolerance = 0.000001
  13. Dot Vector in Python ?

    There different based on each primitive.
  14. Dot Vector in Python ?

    hou.Vector3(primColor).dot(hou.Vector3((rounded))) == 1 I'm using it correctly but comparing 1 / 1.0. If my math is correct, then the full float values is multiplied by 1.0 and so is the truncated float value multiplied by 1.0; which would produce the same value which went in.
  15. Just another laptop question

    No surprise that laptop is still powerful today.