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  1. Nullifying a vector

    How do you zero out a vector; I tried subtracting the vector attribute from its self, I also tried setting the vector to {0,0,0}, but the vector is still visible on the primitive attribute when visualized ?
  2. no cross ?

    @ThomasPara I'm running in a for-Each SOP which is how I want to keep it. Outside of the for-Each SOP I have two vertex point attributes, both of which are Vector_Pt_AB & Vector_Pt_AC. Within the for-Each SOP I have an detail attribute, which gets the primitive attribute and sets the primitive attribute. Each primitive is having two vectors created; both are orthogonal. For every other primitive I don't want the Vector_Pt_AB vector created, in this case; every even number. And I want to create a cross product and visualize the attribute as crossPro for every odd number. Side Note setprimattrib(geoself(),"Vector_Pt_AB",chngePrim,@Vector_Pt_AC,"set"); The above line in a detail wrangler when changed to Vector_Pt_AZ you'll see the Vector_Pt_AB vector becomes orthogonal to the other vector. This is a mistake to which I was writing over the Vector_Pt_AB causing it to not be orthogonal; it that means much. End Side Note. The Vector_Pt_AB still exists for every even primitive ? As well, I can't visualize the attribute crossPro ? I want only Vector_Pt_AC to visualize for only every even primitive and the cross product to be visible for every odd primitive or number ? aVectorfromVertice.hiplc.hipnc
  3. no cross ?

    @acey195 I'm still not able to see the @crossPro attribute with a visualizer ? Could it be explicitly casting a float to a vector doesn't work ?
  4. Normalize based on primitive size ?

    Solved the sub-problem.
  5. Normalize based on primitive size ?

    How can I normalize a vector based on the size of the primitive; if the answer is, it should be by default. That isn't the case when I'm normalizing two point function variables ?
  6. no cross ?

    If I create the cross attribute ahead of time, otherwise in a primitive wrangler before the detail wrangler; there are variables in the cross attribute that are not available until the detail wrangler which comes after the primitive wrangler for which the cross attribute was created ? If I use the cross attribute within the primitive wrangler (the wrangler before the detail wrangler) the cross function doesn't accept variables other wise I would be able to set the cross attribute, you know what wrangler I'm referring too If not it's the wrangler before the detail wrangler
  7. no cross ?

    Either of those don't work
  8. no cross ?

    int chngePrim = detail(1,"iteration",0); if(chngePrim%2==0){ v@Vector_Pt_AC = prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AB",chngePrim) - prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",chngePrim)/1; setprimattrib(geoself(),"Vector_Pt_AB",chngePrim,@Vector_Pt_AC,"set"); v@crossPro = cross(prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",chngePrim),(0,1,0)); } Why is my cross product attribute not being created ?
  9. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    int v_c; int chngePrim = detail(1,"iteration",0); if(chngePrim%2==1){ v@Vector_Pt_AC = prim(0,"Desired_Vert_A",0) - prim(0,"VertM_A",0); setprimattrib(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",0,"set"); } Using the prim() and setprimattrib() function within the detail wrangler (detail_modulo) as you mentioned and it should create the vector (purple vector as mentioned) per primitive, correct ?
  10. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    Sorry everyone; I could be the scene file had spaces. I hope this scene works. aVectorfromVertice.hiplc.hipnc
  11. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    As mentioned elsewhere; In the scene attached, you will see a purple vector that is 90 degrees to the yellow vector. Go into the primitive wrangler node and comment out the last line within the primitive wrangler node. The purple vector disappears. Go into the detail_modulo node wrangler node which is between the begin and end forEach SOP block. When checking the geometry spreadsheet for the detail_modulo wrangler you see three vectors; the purple line has disappeared ? Why has it disappeared; when the forEach SOP is iterating over every primitive and with that known each primitive should have the purple vector line, considering the attribute it is created within the condition (if statement) ? At this point the last line within the primwrangler node should be commented out. I understand that the attribute created within the detail_modulo is a vector node and that the attribute created contains two integers but remember; the line you commented out from the primwrangler node is identical to that line within the condition (if statement) of the detail_modulo node, except no purple vector is shown ? When I mention purple vector, it's just the color I gave the vector in the viewport it has obviously no importance the color of the vector in the viewport, it's simply for description purposes. Vector from Vertice.hiplc
  12. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    @Vector_Pt_AC = Desired_Vert_A - VertM_A; That line of code will display a vector in the viewport int chngePrim = detail(0,"iteration",0); if(chngePrim%2==1){ @Vector_Pt_AC = Desired_Vert_A - VertM_A; } The above block of code when placed within detail wrangler wrapped within a forEach SOP with the forEach metadata node connected to the second input of the detail wrangler; does not show a vector attribute ? Why does one work and not the other; when the second block of code is the code I want; rather then the first line of code ? I have a scene to demonstrate this and it has been frustrating as to what is going on ?
  13. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    I'm creating the attribute within a condition (if); but I don't think it's getting created otherwise viewing the attribute by means of visualization in the viewport would show the attribute ?
  14. I can't get two attributes to display in the viewport. I can get one attribute to display but not two when the second attribute is created within a condition ?
  15. Attributes inside condition

    I can successfully view one attribute in the viewport by means of visualization in the viewport; only when the wrangler is selected, rather then two simultaneously ? When I select the end block of a forLoop sop I can't preview any visualization attributes ? Therefore if anyone can answer this question; how can I see the result of my condition within my wrangler (prim) that is within the forLoop SOP (scene attachment) if I can't see any attributes when the end block of the forLoop sop is selected ? Correct me if I'm wrong, but to preview the attributes within the prim Wrangler which is nested inside the forLoop SOP, iterating over each primitive; the end block of the forLoop SOP must be selected ?