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  1. Join Voronoi Pattern

    Know the name of the example file I should look for that would aid in helping ?
  2. Join Voronoi Pattern

    How do you change the default Voronoi pattern, if it's possible when the Voronoi pattern is based on points. Either that or merge points so the Voronoi patterns are joined ?
  3. Invert paint ?

    How do I invert what is painted within the paint SOP ? What is painted is unpainted and what is unpainted is painted.
  4. Entire Grid is Black ?

    When disabling the two lines in the primitive Wrangler node the grid is as of a beige color. When enabling the two lines in the primitive Wrangler node then enabling the forEach SOP end block, rather then every other primitive being black, the whole grid is black ? mod_everyPrim.hipnc
  5. Only one primitive colored ?

    I hope someone can help as to why only primitive 0, is being colored; rather then every other primitive using the detail in the forEach SOP. Yes, I'm spending alot of time with the forEach SOP Yes, I know there are other ways specially with the primitive wrangler Prim_ForEach.hipnc
  6. Only one primitive colored ?

    @Aizatulin One more thing. Only the one green primitive is being excluded from the polyExtrude SOP rather then all green primitives with the polyExtrude SOP ? Prim_ForEach.hipnc
  7. Only one primitive colored ?

    Yes, thank you.
  8. Array contains single primitive as 0 ?

    I'm looping over all primitives but rather then primitives 5,6,7,8 being stored in a single array, each primitive is being stored in it's own array ? Since I'm using a primitive wrangler within a forEach SOP, I assume the reason why each primitive is being stored as primitive 0 rather then the primitive number; the iteration attribute has to be imported into the primitive wangler ? int oneMerge = detailattrib(0,"lopping",0,accept);
  9. Access Primitives in Y axis ?

    I'm using a forEach SOP to loop over all primitives but how do I access only the primitives which are facing the +Y axis in a wrangler ? How do you access an iteration number of a forEach SOP ?
  10. Access Primitives in Y axis ?

    Great, but; I know but for sake of this question, ignore using a primitive wrangler for looping and say you were forced to use a forEach SOP, how would you do what I mentioned in my original question ?
  11. Detail wrangler to primitive ?

    How do you bring in variables from a detail wrangler to a primitive wrangler ?
  12. Detail wrangler to primitive ?

    I'm getting errors each time I try to access the attribute_expression sop node ?
  13. Detail wrangler to primitive ?

    int sss = setdetailattrib(1,"chngePrim",0,"set"); if(sss%2==0){ removeprim(0,sss,1); } What I'm hoping I can do is, bring in a detail variable into a primitive wrangler then remove the prim for every other primitive based on the detail variable ? At this point it's not working ?
  14. Detail wrangler to primitive ?

    I assume 1 means the attribute was brought in ?
  15. no cross ?

  16. no cross ?

    int chngePrim = detail(1,"iteration",0); if(chngePrim%2==0){ v@Vector_Pt_AC = prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AB",chngePrim) - prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",chngePrim)/1; setprimattrib(geoself(),"Vector_Pt_AB",chngePrim,@Vector_Pt_AC,"set"); v@crossPro = cross(prim(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",chngePrim),(0,1,0)); } Why is my cross product attribute not being created ?
  17. no cross ?

    @acey195 I'm still not able to see the @crossPro attribute with a visualizer ? Could it be explicitly casting a float to a vector doesn't work ?
  18. Normalize based on primitive size ?

    Solved the sub-problem.
  19. Normalize based on primitive size ?

    How can I normalize a vector based on the size of the primitive; if the answer is, it should be by default. That isn't the case when I'm normalizing two point function variables ?
  20. no cross ?

    If I create the cross attribute ahead of time, otherwise in a primitive wrangler before the detail wrangler; there are variables in the cross attribute that are not available until the detail wrangler which comes after the primitive wrangler for which the cross attribute was created ? If I use the cross attribute within the primitive wrangler (the wrangler before the detail wrangler) the cross function doesn't accept variables other wise I would be able to set the cross attribute, you know what wrangler I'm referring too If not it's the wrangler before the detail wrangler
  21. no cross ?

    Either of those don't work
  22. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    int v_c; int chngePrim = detail(1,"iteration",0); if(chngePrim%2==1){ v@Vector_Pt_AC = prim(0,"Desired_Vert_A",0) - prim(0,"VertM_A",0); setprimattrib(0,"Vector_Pt_AC",0,"set"); } Using the prim() and setprimattrib() function within the detail wrangler (detail_modulo) as you mentioned and it should create the vector (purple vector as mentioned) per primitive, correct ?
  23. I can't get two attributes to display in the viewport. I can get one attribute to display but not two when the second attribute is created within a condition ?
  24. Attribute isn't created within Condition ?

    Sorry everyone; I could be the scene file had spaces. I hope this scene works. aVectorfromVertice.hiplc.hipnc