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  1. Cluster node

    i created a "name" attribute in primitive, based on cluster number (using string = . and assembled again without creating a name attribute and it worked. Since am new to houdini, i'm still not sure its the right way. could create problem later as my scene goes big. looking forward for some advice Thanks Cluster_Help_Needed.hipnc
  2. Cluster node

    Hi, How do you use "Cluster node" to work on a simple Voronoi fracture. I know there is a cluster tab inside vornoi fracture node. but i was playing around new things and i found the node "Cluster". and when i apply the cluster node after assembling a simple voronoi fracture . I could see in geometry spreadsheet the cluster attribute has been created . but when i do the simulation. it behave same has how voronoi fracture looked. how do i make them clustered. Little help would be appreciated.
  3. DOP, constraint SOP problem

    Hi Vineet, Thank you so much. it worked.
  4. DOP, constraint SOP problem

    Hi everyone. I was trying to make an effect of Breaking the Geo in mid-air. So basically what i did in order to get that was, i used Velocity attribute inside Dop, SOP solver, to make the Geo breaks in mid air. but as the fractured pieces falls on the ground, the glue constraint impact still stays. And end up getting mannequin kinda effect. HELP ME FIX THIS. feel free to suggest different ways to achieve the same effect. DOP_SOP_Constraint_issue.hipnc