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  1. In this video I'm showing how you can simulate Chladni pattern with moving particle like you see with a steel plate with sand using mostly VEX.
  2. Maple leaf / fern leaf using IFS Fractals.
  3. I've uploaded a video to show how you can use Houdini's volume to create a custom voronoi partition based on custom Manhattan distance algorithm.
  4. I've uploaded a video to show how you can create a 3d printable zoetrope using Houdini. It would be fun to actually print it and have the physical model.
  5. I've uploaded a new video to show how you can create iris like pattern using Houdini.
  6. thanx! I'll look at it. edit: just looked at the file, simple + awesome! I learnt new stuff thank you!
  7. Yeah but I wanted to have a straight line for voronoi cell on the mesh surface. If there's any simple way to achieve it I'm happy to hear it.
  8. I've uploaded a video to show a tip how to convert curved edge of voronoi fractures to straight line using VEX.
  9. I've uploaded a simple video tutorial to show how to use FEM with Houdini.
  10. I've uploaded a video tutorial to show how to create twisted pipe twining around a sphere.
  11. I've uploaded a video tutorial to show how to use genetic algorithm with Houdini + Python.
  12. I've uploaded a video tutorial to create parametric brick wall controlled by imported image.
  13. I've made a new tutorial showing how to create fractal based crystal using VEX and solver based on following idea. http://www.digital-grotesque.com/design_composition.html?screenSize=1&color=1
  14. I've recently started using Houdini coming from a Grasshopper/Rhinoceros + Architectural background and quickly I realized it's such a great tool for parametric & procedural design for modeling some geometrical shapes which sometimes GH is not good at. I'm planning to post tutorials for Houdini to following Facebook page and Youtube channel as my note how to make geometries I'm interested in. [Facebook Page] https://www.facebook.com/ParametricProceduralHoudini/ [Youtube Playlist (Fast ver.)] [Youtube Playlist (Slow ver.)]