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  2. We are looking for Senior Houdini Lighting TDs to start on the 3rd of July, if you are interested make sure you visit our website and apply, some crazy cool projects going on right now!!! https://chk.tbe.taleo.net/chk01/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp?org=FRAMESTORE&cws=39
  3. I have been using it solidly for 4 years to the point of becoming the backbone of the pipeline so I highly recommend it, great insights and good practice... highly recommend it.
  4. Nice tutorial Atom... very comprehensive.... I would like to ask you if you think it would make sense use the Voronoi Fracture Points to fracture based on the impact... I have been using it and although a bit cumbersome to decipher the truth is that gave me quite an organic look to it... Thanks again
  5. I can only guess as I am new to it that is the object ID for the object that is colliding (creating the impact)... This certainly should be material for a masterclass, get's really deep quickly and it is hard to build a mental picture of it.\
  6. This may help you point in the right direction
  7. Is this last scene available somewhere? thanks
  8. Very generous of you... looks great and knowing how obscure and convoluted GIS is this surely wlll be a great asset. Thanks... I hope I have a bit of time to play with geospatial data soon. Any resource you recommend to get some sample data? thanks
  9. Thanks vtrvtr and georgeivan... seems obvious now although it is hard to structure it at first... I guess I can query the object that caused the impact and decide if I want break or weaken the glue constraint... So much to learn... thanks once again.
  10. I am struggling to architect what I have in mind and it may be quite simple but... somehow I just don't get how to connect the dots. Attached is a file with a fractured sphere (thin shell) and a small obstacle inside moving fast, I want to break/weaken the glue constraint based on the impact data (may be after a certain force of impact. At the moment the sphere gets moved around by the obstacle, instead the sphere should break on contact with the bullet, but not against the floor. Thanks in advance. PS. All the elements inside the attached scene are using the shelf tools, specially confusing is the ImpactAnalysis. impact_glue_interaction.hip
  11. I just finished in Xmas the article on my blog on the H&M job where we used a curious combination of Houdini, Maya and Softimage and different techniques that hopefully are interesting. http://www.jordibares.com/2016_08_09/hm-theroadtrip/
  12. I guess in time I will show you guys what I am working on... ;-) Stay tuned.
  13. Awsome Iskander... it is true that age has a huge impact on skin flexibility, tangential strength and how difficult is for the skin to recover its form. I guess I will see that for myself in in the future... ;-)
  14. If you deal with Flame people your admin guys will love to stay in CentOS given is part of the same distribution and therefore pretty much the same to maintain. my 2 cents
  15. I use it regularly, from concept test renders, product (specially still photography is a must) shots and blocking out lighting.. very nice indeed.