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  1. I found the solution, it's because Houdini's expression has a kind of strange -if syntax-. "if (condition, then, else)"
  2. Hello everyone, I get this expression error but I can't figure why. Can someone please tell what i'm doing wrong ? Or maybe it's not possible to do that in this field ? if(ch("../depth")<5){ch("../depth")*4)+1}else{ch("../depth")*3)+1} Thank you, Baptiste
  3. Simple copy and transform

    Thank you very much ! It's exactly what I needed. I still have some issues with the "loop" nodes but thanks to your example I should understand the system.
  4. Simple copy and transform

    hello, i'm learning houdini and i'm struggling doing this kind of modeling procedural : I have a line with 2 points. When i duplicated it I want that the number of points increase. Have you got any idea how to do it ? Thank you, Babbel