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  1. Hope this helps. I used a detail wrangle. int pt = chi("center_pt"); int upper = clamp(pt + chi("upper"), 0, npoints(0)); int lower = clamp(pt - chi("lower") -1, 0, npoints(0)); for (int i = lower; i< upper; i++){ removepoint(0, i); }
  2. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Another method of string concatenation is to use the format() function. name = "piece{0}".format(point.number())
  3. Hope this gets you in the ball park. I've added a ramp so you can remap the @pscale value for more complex animations. The upper and lower bounds are for shifting the animation before and after the carve point. This doesn't take into account distance between points, only their point number divided by the total. carve_with_anim.hipnc