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  1. RBD Fracture get seed from attr

    thanks again toadstorm. I was playing around with this setup for a bit and found it more convenient to generate seconday debris by scattering additional points generated with voronoifracturepoints into a single voronoifracture, rather than using a foreach loop with a second voronoifracture. I was wondering which workflow is preferred in production?
  2. RBD Fracture get seed from attr

    thanks for your help toadstorm! I had tried copying the pigheads before fracturing myself, but had trouble fetching the number of points fed into the copyToPoints node (it should be attr(".../box1", "@numpt") , right?). I needed this to adjust the amount of scattered points for n instances. Is there any reason you use vdbfrompolygons instead of isoffset apart from personal preference?
  3. Hi forum! First post for me, although I've lurked odforce for a while. I am following a RBD tutorial by Steve Knipping and have a very basic question trying to improve this setup a bit. I am fracturing a pigHead and then copy it to Points to get more instances to shatter. I would like each copy to use a seed value added to the Points to drive the seed in the following scatter nodes. I was under the impression that I could set the fracture up once and then procedurally alter each copy, but I seem to be missing some obvious logic here. Should I use an HDA here? thanks for your help! rbdTest.hipnc