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  1. Changing the Disturbance setting did help, altho the turbulance still isn't there and if I try to tweak those same settings for turbulance(even with lower values), the smoke just goes crazy, I'll try a some more tommorow but right now it's 2am so I guess some sleep would be a nice idea. Once again thanks for all the help.
  2. I'm caching the scaled sphere sim now, i'll try this after and let you know how did it go, whatever the result, thank you for the help.
  3. I ran the sim twice, both times problem wasn't fixed :/ weird that it fixed it for you, can I see your file?
  4. Thanks, but this didn't help either, any other ideas?
  5. Unfortunately this didn't fix it, the reason I didn't post the file is becouse I exported the tube and curve from Maya so not really sure if this will work if I just post the FBX and file, but worth giving a shot now that I think about it. V2_z_curveF2.hiplc FBX_closed_spiral.fbx
  6. Hi So I want to make the smoke fill the spiral tube and I'm pretty close to result I've been aiming for but i've run into a problem I can't seem to resolve. At one point in the simulation smoke stops responding to forces and just follows the tube (attachment). My process of making this set up: 1. convert tube to volume 2. attract billowy smoke emitted from sphere to the volume tube (attract fluid) 3. add a curve force (curve was used to make the tube so it is in the middle of the tube) I've tried changing every paramiter I could think of but nothing helped. Anyone has any ideas? Smoke preview youtube Smoke_problem.mp4